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We looking your used equipment!!!! the expertise in ophthalmic equipments!

We are the difference in the market! Real post service. We have our own refurbishment lab with original parts. Specialist in Lasers, Phacos, Microscopes, Slit Lamps, Visual Fields, Retinal Cameras. More than 20 years of experience!..Please Call 3055049163

Specializing in Rebuilding, Servicing & Installing Orbscan II & IIz

Global resource specializing in fully rebuilding Orbscan II & IIz; Ziemer Galilei & OCULUS Pentacams available; Our engineers can install, service & conduct clinical training too. Inventory located at our headquarters Tampa, FL; Call 1-877-924-2020.

DOTmed Certified DOTmed 100



AFC INDUSTRIES Instrument stand with locking drawer: For Sale

Instrument stand with locking drawer: ** Please reference item #200403-0083-05 when contacting us about this... view more

June 12

Asking Price:
$65 USD


MARCO Nidek CP-770 Auto Projector Vision Screener For Sale

Marco Nidek CP-770 Auto Projector Marco’s new CP-770 AUTOMATIC CHART PROJECTOR refurbished by Vision Equipment Inc., combines all of the sophistication and efficiency of our previous 600 series... view more

July 01  

SANTINELLI Nidek CE1 Optical Laboratory For Sale

Nidek CE-1 Blocker The Nidek CE-1 Blocker is a very precise, fast and simple blocking system for all types of lenses. Single vision, multi-focal and progressive lenses with a maximum capacity of... view more

July 01  

MARCO / Nidek Epic 5100 System Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

Marco Nidek 5100 Epic Refraction Workstation Includes RT5100 , ARK530A, LM1000, SSC330 Includes Installation Training, And One Year Warranty ***FINANCING AVAILABLE*** Manufacturers... view more

July 01  

NIDEK LM 970 Lensometer For Sale

Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer The Marco Nidek LM 970 Auto Lensometer features cost-effective high performance, auto read function. Easy operation: automatic power adjustment and cylinder axis... view more

July 01  

NIDEK Confoscan 4 Ophthalmic Laser For Sale

Nidek Confoscan 5 Ophthalmic Laser Unit powers on but we do not have the expertise to test this. Please see damaged case in pictures. We are a used medical equipment dealer. We provide as much... view more

July 01  

NIDEK OPD II Topographer For Sale

The NIDEK OPD-Scan II provides information on corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, keratometry, and pupillometry in one unit, utilizing state-of-the-art imaging and analysis technology... view more

July 01

Asking Price:
$9,500 USD


NIDEK ARK 500A Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

The NIDEK ARK-500A is an autorefractor/keratometer which contains both a refractormeter and keratometer in one unit. The refractometer objectively measures refractive errors of sphere, cylinder, and... view more

July 01  

NIDEK 760A Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

NIDEK 760A AUTOREFRACTOR KERTOMETER. TNidek ARK-760A Autorefractor / Keratometer with Auto Eye Tracking, Auto-Shot and Auto-Print Functions, Cornea and Pupil Size Measurements, Trial Lens Data... view more

July 01  

NIDEK 530A Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

Nidek ARK 530A Autorefractor Keratometer 3D Auto Tracking and Auto Shooting Features: – New measurement: pupil zone measurement method – kerato measurement: double Mayerling alignment method –... view more

July 01  

NIDEK RKT-7700 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

RKT 7700 Auto Ref/Kerato/Tonometer Nidek RKT 7700 Auto Ref/Kerato/Tonometer • Auto Ref/Keratometer & Non-Contact Tonometer in One Unit • Combining the measurement of refractive power •... view more

July 01  

NIDEK NT-510 Tonometer / Tono-Pen For Sale

Marco Nidek 510 Non Contact Tonometer The NT-510 Non-Contact Tonometer is easy to use with automatic alignment and measurement. The auto-tracking function allows the operator to instantly align and... view more

July 01  

NIDEK AL-Scan B-Scan For Sale

Nidek Optical Biometer AL-Scan Effortless measurement of 6 clinical parameters in 10 seconds Anterior segment observation with Scheimpflug imaging and double mire ring keratometry Optional... view more

July 01  

NIDEK Confoscan CS4 Autorefractor Keratometer For Sale

NIDEK CONFOSCAN 4 (CS4) 3 Instruments in one The NIDEK ConfoScan4 is the only instrument that combines confocal microscopy, endothelial microscopy and accurate pachymetry in one compact unit. ... view more

July 01  

NIDEK SANTINELLI ICE Mini Blocker Patternless Edger For Sale

Santinelli ICE-Mini Blocker Quick and Easy Blocking Flexible 3-pin lens support, holding the lens from the top, greatly Helps the operator to achieve easy an accurate blocking. User-Friendly LCD... view more

July 01