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Attrius: The only new dedicated PET scanner

The Positron Attrius, the only new dedicated PET scanner designed for cardiac imaging. Excellent performance, guaranteed uptime, and high quality imaging within a compact footprint. Contact us at 317-576-0183 for further information.




GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT For Sale

2005 GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT Block ID: 27538 A004994 Upgraded to a Hawkeye 4 in 2009 Quasar 3/8 inch detector Infinia II upgraded to Hawkeye 4 MEGP LEHR Pinhole Cardiac Trigger... view more

December 06  

GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT For Sale

Infinia Hawkeye 4 GP 3 manufactured in 2008, S/N - 17390, TTH CHIRON x-ray tube manufactured in July 2012. Patient table, Console with computer and keyboard, MEGP, LEHR, ELEGP, HP xw4300 Workstation.... view more

December 04  


2007 GE HAWKEYE 4 slice SPECT/CT Gamma camera/Nuclear Medicine with 4DM SPECT. FUSION and ATENUATION with CT use. Whole Body SPECT/CT Tomo gamma camera with 4DM SPECT . Has a set of LEHR... view more

November 29  

GE Infinia* Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT For Sale

An excelent system of SPECT/CT, minimal radiation to the patient, minimal room needed since the CT is integrated in the gantry ring. Best results using the XELERIS 2 FULL OPTIONAL work station of... view more

November 27  

GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT For Sale

Best price now for best SPECT/CT, including the strong w/s XELERIS 2 GE... view more

November 27  

GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 SPECT/CT For Sale

First installed in 2007. Including four sets of collimators: LEHR, MEGP, HEGP and HEPH, Xelleris 2 Workstation processor computer. Able to install inside or outside the USA.... view more

November 22  

GE H3000WW Infinia Hawkeye GP3 SPECT/CT For Sale

2005 GE Infinia II 3/8" H3000WW Hawkeye GP3 SPECT/CT Dual Head, Whole Body Capable 2012 tube Xeleris 1.1452 (Software upgraded 12/2018) Functional Imaging Scanner Version Analog... view more

November 19  
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