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TRIPATH Prepstain & Prepmate Slide Stainer for sale TRIPATH Prepstain & Prepmate Slide Stainer for sale
TRIPATH Prepstain & Prepmate Slide Stainer for sale TRIPATH Prepstain & Prepmate Slide Stainer for sale

A la venta TRIPATH Prepstain & Prepmate Slide Stainer

  • Condition : Refurbished
  • Quantity : 1
  • Date : September 10, 2019

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Listing: #2190568

  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Brand: TRIPATH
  • Type: Slide Stainer
  • Model: Prepstain & Prepmate
Refurbished Tripath/BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor and Prepmate with Warranty

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In the laboratory, the processing and staining module, formerly known as AutoCyte PREP®, is now called the BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor. The BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor is the only single system available for both the preparation and staining of cervical cytology samples.
Combining advanced robotics with application-specific protocols, preservatives, preparation fluids, and stains for both gynecologic and non-gynecologic applications in the modern cytology laboratory.
The BD SurePath™ Slide
The BD PrepStain™ process results in a highly optimized BD SurePath™ slide preparation consisting of a discretely stained 13mm thin-layer of cells. Cell distribution is uniform, homogeneous, and represents the entire specimen.
Features of the BD PrepStain™ Slide Processor:

Easy to Use.

Textbook Quality.

Increases the Number of Adequate Specimens

The BD PrepMate™ system is an automated accessory to the BD PrepStain™ slide processor. BD PrepMate™ system automates the enrichment process of mixing and dispensing the specimen onto the BD SurePath™ density reagent.
The BD PrepMate™ system thoroughly mixes, and accurately removes the specimen from the preservative vial. It layers the specimen onto a density reagent in a centrifuge tube. The BD PrepMate™ automated process handles one to twelve specimens per cycle.
To reduce the possibility of specimen contamination, the vial caps are not removed during the process. The BD PrepMate™ system provides a unique puncture-top process that mixes and dispenses with the cap on. Vials, syringes, and tubes are disposable and may not be reused.

BD PrepMate™ System Features:

•Capacity to support up to 2 PREP instruments.

•Capacity to batch process 1 to 12 specimens.

•Throughput to process 12 specimens in less than 4 minutes.

•4 specimen racks included, allows preparation of 48 tests at a time.

•Extra specimen racks are available.

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