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This Item is no longer available

Click here to see the 91 Equipment Listings matching 'THERMO SCIENTIFIC Intrepid IRIS ' on DOTmed


LISTING #1420113
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  • Used - Good
  • Date updated:
  • April 23, 2013
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Item Summary for THERMO SCIENTIFIC Intrepid IRIS

This listing is for an Thermo Electron Corporation IRIS Intrepid 2

It appears to be in fair used shape and does show signs of prior use, there are some stains and scuffs on the outside.

I plugged the unit into my 220 socket and it booted right up.

I have no way of further testing this unit.

Please view the full size Hi Res Images of the actual unit for sale.

Below is some information about the unit from the MFR

Based on the improved eXtreme Stability Platform, the IRIS Intrepid II models provide powerful, easy-to-use elemental analysis.

Low noise CID detector and redesigned echelle spectrometer
Better resolution and detection limits
Radial or DUO view plasma options handle any sample
Full frame image capture for records or subsequent re-analysis
Intuitive TEVA software with tools for data compliance

Product Detail
The new-generation Intrepid II spectrometers extend and enhance the application-proven performance of the popular IRIS OE series. They combine the speed, accuracy and throughput of a simultaneous ICP with the flexibility of a sequential system, providing a powerful, easy-to-use elemental analysis solution that delivers high productivity and optimum analytical results -- no compromises required.

The Intrepid series offers options for extended wavelength coverage, and to best match the needs of your particular analysis. Systems can be configured for radial, axial or duo (radial and axial) plasma viewing. So, whatever your application -- environmental, metallurgical, petrochemical, geochemical/mining, food, agricultural, plating solutions, semiconductor, bio-pharmaceutical or wear metals in oil -- you can be sure your Thermo Elemental Intrepid system is not only up to the job, it's optimized for it.


IRIS Intrepid II XSP

Radial or DUO plasma view configurations
1500 watt RF generator operated at 27.12 MHz
Full view, two-handed access sample introduction area

The XSP, eXtreme Stability Platform, Radial or Duo plasma view simultaneous ICP-OES serves as the foundation of the entire IRIS Intrepid II product line. Next generation CID technology, coupled with improved component designs, provides full range simultaneous analysis but with equal freedom of wavelength choice to a sequential. Easy to navigate TEVA software offers the ultimate in data audit trail protection with full 21 CFR Part 11 compliance tools that can even be switched off for methods not requiring regulation.
IRIS Intrepid II XDL

High sensitivity, low noise Radial or DUO plasma view
2000 watt RF generator operated at 27.12 MHz
Mass flow controlled nebulizer and dual purge gas control

The XDL, eXtreme Detection Limit, version features additional stability and signal-to-noise enhancements above and beyond the XSP. The excellent signal-to-noise characteristics of these models maximises sample throughput as minimal integration times are necessary,even for low concentrations. The detection limits for the radial view are the lowest of any simultaneous ICP-OES today and equal to some axial systems. The Duo model couples maximum working range with freedom from EIE interference via radial view and the lowest detection limits ever for axial view with the high sensitivity sample introduction system.

IRIS Intrepid II XUV

Extended UV Radial view designed for halogen analysis
2000 watt RF generator operated at 27.12 MHz
Mass flow controlled nebulizer

The XUV, eXtreme UltraViolet, model of the IRIS Intrepid II is designed specifically for sensitive analysis of halogen elements in tough sample analyses such as oils. The XUV includes all of the sensitivity and stability advances of the XSP and XDL, plus high UV transmittance optics and the most extensive wavelength range of 130 - 1050nm.



Simultaneous ICP analytical speed
Sequential ICP flexibility


High-performance Echelle Spectrometer
NEW Proven crystal-controlled RF source with power selection in 250 increments
Direct-drive peristaltic pump


NEW Simple, elegant design with large easy-access plasma-viewing window
NEW Powerful, easy-to-use TEVA software


Multiple wavelengths for simultaneous determination of each element
Enhanced resolution for complex matrices
Industry-leading radial performance for organic and heavy matrix samples


Excellent detection limits in radial, axial, and duo configurations


Full wavelength coverage with all spectral information available at a single glance
NEW Expanded range of accessories extend your analysis capabilities

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