A la venta LIGHTLAB St Jude Ilumien Therapy Guidance FFR Coronary Artery Stent RF Imaging System OCT

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Specifications for LIGHTLAB St Jude Ilumien Therapy Guidance FFR Coronary Artery Stent RF Imaging System OCT

Warranty: 30 Day Return Warranty Year of Manufacture: 2013

Item Summary for LIGHTLAB St Jude Ilumien Therapy Guidance FFR Coronary Artery Stent RF Imaging System OCT

St. Jude Ilumien Therapy Guidance Coronary Artery Stent RF Imaging System
Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) & Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

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This 2013 model St. Jude Ilumien Guidance Therapy System was recently removed in working condition from an Arizona Hospital. Powers on and navigates the onscreen instructions without any issues. I am easily able to enter the OCT and FFR procedure functions. All previous patient files have been removed. The activity log indicates the last procedure occured in November 2018. I reviewed the internal service log and there have been no error codes for the last 3 years and this system has been used regularly. There are no catheters included and will have to acquired before this system can be used. I guarantee it will not be DOA.

Comes with St. Jude Ilumien system installed in a rolling cart with all computerized equipment contained within the cart. There is a 17" and 19" NEC displays mounted on top with a keyboard/mouse and integrated motor drive and optical controller. There is a Super WriteMaster DVD Drive on the front. The back panel snaps off to reveal the internal components and wiring harnesses. (see pic) The startup screen reads "Cardiology: D.1 (Build 7938) Thursday, July 12, 2012". The system serial number tag is dated "2013"

St. Jude LightLab Ilumien Guidance Therapy System
(OCT) Optical Coherence Tomography
(FFR) Fractional Flow Reserve
Model: Ilumien
Serial No: 14165089
Cardiology: D.1 (Build 7938) Thursday, July 12, 2012
REF: 13620-21
CAT: 900-700-00
100/120/220/240V - 50/60Hz - 400VA
Integrated Motor Drive and Optical Controller
17" & 19" NEC Displays
Keyboard & Mouse
Super WriteMaster SpeedPlus DVD Drive

Manufacturer's Descritption-
Indications for Use:
ILUMIEN Therapy Guidance System is intended for the imaging of coronary arteries and is indicated in patients who are candidates for tansluminal interventional procedures. ILUMIEN System will further acquire radio frequency signal outputs from both a distal intracoronary pressure transducer and a proximal aortic pressure transducer to determine the physiological parameter, Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR). The physician may use the FFR parameter, along with knowledge of patient history, medical expertise and clinical judgment to determine if therapeutic intervention is indicated.

Combine the functional and anatomical modalities of Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Move between FFR and OCT modalities with one touch
Wireless FFR setup in one or multiple labs
Easy on-screen guide simplifies ILUMIEN FFR and OCT procedures with a new seamless user interface
The flexibility and cost efficiency of a mobile unit n Integrated case storage and easy patient ID retrieval
Ability to perform FFR measurements with optional wireless Wi-Box™, PressureWire™ Aeris™ and cables

The compact, mobile console contains all the working elements of the ILUMIEN Therapy Guidance System, including:
ILUMIEN proprietary imaging engine, custom PC software and wireless receivers to perform FFR measurements
Two monitors (17” and 19”) plus remote video output for multiple sightlines
Keyboard or mouse click control of system and catheter
22x CD/DVD±RW dual layer DVD-RAM drive for faster image management
Large hard drive for ample data storage
Integrated drive-motor and optical controller (DOC)

Size mm/in: 1430 (h) x 471 (w) x 683 (d)/56.3 (h) x 18.5 (w) x 27 (d)

Usable length: 135 cm
Outer diameter: 2.7 F (distal)
Wire lumen: 0.014”

Operating pressure: -30 to +300mmHg
Accuracy: ±1 mmHg plus ±1% of reading (-30 to 50mmHg) ±3% of reading (50 to 300mmHg)

Operating pressure: -30 to +300mmHg
Accuracy: ±1 mmHg or ±1% of reading whichever greatest

Direct galvanic connection
Max Pressure shift: <2mmHg

Frequency range: 2.4000-2.4835GHz
Type: Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
Range: 0-4m
Delay time: <20ms

Maximum frame rate: 100 fps
Nominal pullback speed: 20 mm/sec
# of lines per frame: 500
Scan diameter: 10 mm
Axial resolution: 15 μm

This system was recently removed from an Arizona hospital in working condition. Powers on, lights up and navigates the onscreen menus properly. I am able to access the system activity log and this unit was in regular use until November 2018 and the service logs do not indicate any errors since the log was begun in May 2016. I am easily able to power up the system and access all onscreen menus. When entering the OCT function I am stopped at the attach catheter screen because I dont have a catheter. When entering the FFR function I am stopped because I dont have the proper attachments. The activity and service records show this system was in regular use for 3 years at the previous facility and the log does not indicate any error codes. The cosmetic condition is very good with no visible sign of wear or damage and it is obvious it has been well cared for. All information I have indicates this system is in working condition. The disk drive is missing the little plastic button cover but still operates by reaching in and pushing the actual button. There are no catheters, manuals or disks included. Only the items pictured are included.

The start up screen identifies the build date as 7/2012. The serial number is dated 2013

16" wide x 56" tall x 26" front to back
Power cord is 20 feet long

I stand behind everything I sell and I guarantee this Ilumien is exact to the description and pictures I have provided here or return it for a refund.

This unit weighs 160 lbs and will require freight shipping. To give you some idea it will cost approximately $170.00 for west coast shipping and approximately $240.00 for east coast shipping. Contact me with your shipping address for an exact quote. Residential delivery, limited truck access, lift gate service and inside delivery will cost extra.

Pallet/Crate weight 250 lbs, Dimensions 22x32x62, NMFC 116030 "Computer Equipment", Freight Class is 92.5
Pickup is always welcome. located in Coolidge Arizona 85128 which is 40 miles SE of Phoenix Az near I-10

International buyers welcome but it will be expensive.


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