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LEICA M841 OTTOFLEX TECHNOLOGY Microscope for sale
LEICA M841 OTTOFLEX TECHNOLOGY Microscope for sale

A la venta LEICA M841 OTTOFLEX TECHNOLOGY Microscope

  • Condition : Refurbished
  • In Stock : Yes
  • Date : December 10, 2019

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Listing: #1663107

  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Brand: LEICA
  • Type: Microscope
  • Warranty: 6 months to be covered in Miami
Leica M841 The Ultimate Surgical Microscope for Ophthalmology

Surgical microscope for Ophthalmology with the advanced APO optics, illumination and electronics concept

In accordance with the guideline "Excellence without compromise”, the Leica M841 surgical microscope offers a multitude of forward-looking and constructive solutions with the goal of providing the best possible conditions for surgeon, assistant and patient. These Leica innovations are called QuadZoom™ , OptiChrome™, OttoFlex™, ErgonOptic™, OPEN Control, and Double Beam Red Reflex.

Leica OptiChrome™, based on APO-optics, is the essence of the new optical concept of the Leica M841, which reaches new peaks of image quality in terms of clarity and brilliance. Contrast, resolution, colour rendering, three-dimensionality and depth of field all set new standards in every respect. Fine structures within the eye, as well as the edges of surgical tools, are seen even more sharply than before. The surgeon and the assistant see more, and can work faster, more confidently, more efficiently.

Leica QuadZoom™ finally solves the problem of inadequate light for the main surgeon and the assistant. There need to be no more compromises over image quality and brightness, because the surgeon and the assistant have separate pairs of beam paths and therefore have access to the full information in the image, full stereopsis and 100% of the light. The high light output enables the light intensity encountering the patient's eye to be reduced considerably.
The surgeon and the assistant see more; the patient enjoys an extremely high level of protection, and the eyes of the surgeon and of the assistant are also well protected. Leica QuadZoom™ generates ideal conditions for teaching by permanently and automatically providing the identical field of view to both surgeon and assistant.

The Leica Main and OttoFlex™ Redreflex illumination are the innovations relating to illumination technology in ophthalmic microsurgery. The Double Beam Red Reflex, the main illuminator, produces a large and homogeneously-illuminated field. This also ensures that the fundus reflex remains uniform even when the eye of the patient moves; at the same time it protects the retina.

OttoFlex™, the incorporated second illuminator of the Leica M841, produces a red reflex of extraordinary contrast, even under low-light conditions. The low radiant energy increases the patient's safety relative to the conventional point illumination, even if the initial conditions are difficult, e.g. narrow pupils or mature cataract.

The Leica ErgonOptic™ program is the key to comfortable viewing conditions and fatigue-free working. lt includes the world's largest selection of observation tubes for surgeon and assistant, e.g. the ultralow binocular tube 10°-50°. The viewing height of this binocular has been greatly lowered, reducing the distance between the operating area and the observer's eyes and creating a comfortable viewing situation for objectives of long focal length. The variable viewing angle (10°-50°) enables the microscope to be matched accurately to the build of the observer. For the Leica M841 a 225mm Working Distance APO-objective is available increasing the depth of field by a further 20% and intensifying the red reflex yet again.

The concept of OPEN Control covers intelligent user programs, which permit the surgeon to allocate the functions on the footswitch in accordance with individual wishes. The concept also includes a forward-looking computer architecture which makes networking with external modules possible. OPEN Control means maximum availability, because quick-change electronic components and an intelligent auto diagnostic system together ensure quick correction.
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