Used AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto Un venta del la - DOTmed Listado #1744896:
AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale
AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto for sale

A la venta AMO Intralase iFS Laser - Femto

  • Condition : Used - Excellent
  • Date : March 23, 2020

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Listing: #1744896

  • Condition: Used - Excellent
  • Brand: AMO
  • Type: Laser - Femto
  • Model: Intralase iFS
  • Speed: 150Hz
AMO Intralase iFS 150Hz Femtosecond Laser

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Manufacturers Description:

All of our femtosecond expertise culminates in our 5th-generation iFS Laser. The iFS Laser gives surgeons greater control for maximum customization — providing an indispensable tool for LASIK and beyond. With over 5 million procedures performed to date, IntraLase Technology is the femtosecond technology of choice.

Flap Architecture Innovations

The iFS Laser brings two major innovations in flap architecture: the inverted bevel-in side cut and elliptical-shaped flaps. When combined with a faster repetition rate and tighter spot/line separation, our 5th-generation iFS Laser is a versatile tool that preserves corneal innervation and allows post-operative healing by creating a bio-mechanically stable corneal flap.

- Inverted bevel-in side cut up to 150° for improved bio mechanical stability
- Elliptical flap option to maximize stromal bed exposure
- Tighter spot separation provides smoother stromal beds and a virtually effortless flap lift
- Lower energy per pulse, which may reduce tissue response and inflammation
- Greater Bio mechanical Stability and Faster Visual Recovery

The iFS Laser provides the ideal combination of advantages: minimal disruption of corneal architecture, stronger flaps, fewer possible complications plus faster visual recovery.

Bladeless arcuate incisions created with the iFS Laser can give you greater precision and predictability compared to manual blade incisions

- Perform precise corneal incisions with complete control of angles and orientations, and micron-level accuracy unmatched by manual blades
- Create single or paired arc-shaped incisions with smooth edges
- Incisions created with manual blades have shown irregular, imprecise shapes and lengths with jagged edges
- Intrastromal arcuate incisions can potentially provide several clinical advantages:
- Greater corneal integrity — fewer stromal lamellae incised and preserves Bowman's layer compared to a manual blade incision
- Reduced risk of infection and less patient discomfort as epithelium integrity is preserved
- Customizable parameters let you individualize each incision

Create custom arcuate incisions whose length, depth, and optical zone diameter can be planned for each individual eye
Select multiple parameters such as intrastromal or penetrating incisions, single or paired arc-shaped incisions, side cut angle, arc length, incision depth/placement, diameter, and raster energy, spot, and line separation

The iFS Laser brings advanced corneal options within reach, including intrastromal ring implantation and channels, IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty, and now penetrating and intrastromal arcuate incisions for use in cataract surgery. With the iFS Laser, surgeons have the ability to create accurate, reproducible incisions in an almost limitless range of shapes and patterns.

IntraLase Technology is the first in the world used to create innovative-shaped corneal incisions for full-thickness corneal transplants.

- Precisely shaped angled edges fit snugly to improve alignment
- Provides a smooth corneal contour with greater surface area to speed wound healing


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