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  • June 11, 2019
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Item Summary for HILL ROM TotalCare Sport 1 Beds Electric

Refurbished TotalCare Sport P1900 Bed

Auto Patient Turning Air Mattress Hospital Bed

For Treatment and Prevention of Bed Sores

and Skin Ulcers

Hospital Bed Video Demo Link 1

TotalCare Sport 1 Hospital Bed Video #2

This is one of very few bed models that sits into an actual

chair and has an air mattress system to prevent and treat bedsores

and also has an "Auto Patient Rotate" mattress system.

This means the bed will turn the patient automatically

and relieve a caregiver from performing this action.

Professionally Serviced and Refurbished to

Patient Ready Hospital Standards By

Trained Professional Medical Technicians

* Hospital Ready Beds with all electrical tests and refurbishment

paperwork attached to each bed with serial number.

The Hill Rom TotalCare Sport hospital bed is one of the best

Intensive Care / ICU / patient therapy hospital beds in the world with a

sophisticated air flow mattress system that will help "auto rotate" a

patient and also provide "percussion and vibration"

to the upper respiratory system for patients with pneumonia

and other related ailments.

Beds help prevent bedsores and these beds treat patients with

skin breakdown and help heal sore spots if that has already occurred.

This bed comes equipped with air flow mattress and also with scale.

It is a popular for home care use because of the "auto patient rotation"

mattress system. We have all beds professionally serviced before

being shipped and they come with a 30 day warranty.


- the modules are like batteries that add additional features on the bed.

Module 1 - vibration and percussion of upper respiratory system

Module 2 - mattress rotation - auto patient rotation

* These modules are what seperates a "TotalCare Sport" bed from

a regular "TotalCare bed". These modules are normally gone when

we get beds from the hospital so we buy and replace them.

When buying a TotalCare Sport bed make sure the bed has modules

included if you want the additional features this bed offers a

patient and caregiver.

Bed units in stock total - buyding for one bed at this sale and price.


to ensure they are delivered and arrive in good working

condition for all based orders. Beds are available

Professionally refurbished to manufacturer standards and

patient ready - we can deliver anywhere in Southern California

including Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego,

Los Angeles County or Ventura County for $500 and

professionally install at a medical center, nursing school,

residential home and provide a professional tutorial

on how bed works.

"Total Care Sport 1" Hospital Bed can be shipped anywhere

in the world - these beds weigh 700 pounds each and

45 units can fit in a 40 foot container for International

shipping orders. We have more beds in in our inventory

for larger purchases. Contact us for more information

on pricing.

We sell hospital beds by the hundreds and can help

arrange shipping anywhere in the USA and the world!

Learn more about our company and what we do at:

Contact Us for shipping quotes - we can ship

anywhere in the world including Mexico, The

Philippines, Latin America and anywhere

else in the world! These beds can be delivered

to residential homes but they require a 3-4

person + moving crew to get into home.

TotalCare Sport Hospital Bed Specifications

Percussion and Vibration Therapy, including postural setting options
Weight based pressure redistribution in any bed position
Advanced Microclimate Management technology
Point-Of-Care siderail controls with Graphical Caregiver Interface feature (GCI).
Digital Head of bed angle indicator and alarm
3 mode bed exit sensor with alarm silence and alarm suspend modes
FullChair and chair egress with stand assist
One-button Boost patient repositioning support
Turn assist
Optional IntelliDrive powered transport
FlexAfoot electrical bed retraction and extension
HandsFree emergency CPR and Trendelenburg
History data on patient weight, head of bed elevation, chair position, and pulmonary therapies
Therapy reminders
Safety stop and alarm for pulmonary therapies when side rails are down
*We can deliver the TotalCare Sport hospital

bed to homes in Southern California for $300

Including Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County

and Palm Springs.

* Add .08% SALES TAX TO ORDER for

all orders within the State of California

Why is this a good ICU / Patient Therapy

Medical Surgical Bed?

Because it has the "auto rotation" feature which will

rotate a patient and relieve a caregiver. It will also

help with a percussion and vibration mattress

to replicate the manual labor a nurse or caregiver

would provide to a patient to help break up flem in

the lungs . This beds saves hospitals on hundreds of

hours of personnel labor costs.

Bed sits into a "full chair" position and provides


of the most sophisticated air mattress systems

in the world. If you have a hospital and need

more than one bed contact us for shipping

quotes and availability.

Hospital bed includes "percussion vibration" and

"rotation" modules air flow mattress and scale

to easily weigh the patient.

*** We accept , Visa, Mastercard, Check

or Wire Transfer. International sale payments

by wire transfer only.


*** We are not the cheapest TotalCare Sport bed however

all beds receive professional preventive maintenance inspection and servicing

meeting the standards required for hospitals and medical care facilities.

Colina Rom TotalCare Sport 1 UCI Paciene Terapia Hospital Beds

Auto Rotacin Paciente, Respiratorio Superior "Percusin / Vibracin"

La cama de hospital Colina Rom TotalCare El deporte es uno de los mejores

UCI camas / paciente del hospital terapia en el mundo con un

sistema de colchn de flujo de aire sofisticado que ayudar a "auto

girar "un paciente y tambin proporcionar" la percusin y la vibracin "

para el sistema respiratorio superior para los pacientes con neumona

y otras dolencias relacionadas

We can deliver this bed anywhere in Southern California and professionally instal with

bed tutorial in Los Angeles, San Bernadino, Riverside County, Palm Springs,

Orange County and San Diego County California for $500. It is a 3-4 person job

getting the bed into a home or residential building.

Full Electric Patient Hospital Beds - Refurbished "Med Surg" hospital beds

Air Flow Mattress Hospital Bed for Sale - Hill Rom TotalCare Sport 2 Bed

Medical Surgical, Intensive Care, Acute Care Hospital Bed

with Scales and Air Flow Mattress

"Auto Patient Rotation Mattress / Auto Patient Rotation Bed System" California hospital

bed dealer prioviding refurbished - used Hill Rom hospital beds.

Used - Refurbished TotalCare Sport bed for Sale San Diego, California



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