SpotLight Duo Photo courtesy: Arineta

Arineta installs novel SpotLight Duo cardiothoracic CT at Texas health system

April 19, 2024
by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter
After getting FDA clearance last August, Arineta's SpotLight Duo cardiovascular and thoracic CT scanner has been installed for the first time in a major health system in Texas.

The SpotLight Duo is the world's first CT with the ability to image the entire heart and cardiovascular system in a single heartbeat. The 560-slice scanner is optimized with 140 mm coverage and a rotation speed of 0.24 seconds per rotation, and uses a lower radiation dose than whole-body CT scanners.

It features Arineta's deep learning image reconstruction (DLIR) technology, which compiles cross-sectional images of the subject and ultimately results in less noise and better image quality. That allows for 4D imaging of vascular flow, organ motion, and kinetic properties during comprehensive cardiovascular assessments.

"We are seeing strong demand for dedicated cardiac and thoracic CT technology," Doug Ryan, CEO of Arineta, told HCB News. "We are working with health systems and private cardiology practices across the country to install SpotLight Duo scanners, improving patients’ access to necessary cardiac imaging."

According to Ryan, whole-body, multipurpose CT scanners may lead to inadequate results for proper cardiac diagnosis and treatment planning because those scanners aren’t always able to produce the image quality needed for cardiac applications.

In terms of cost, scanners that produce higher-quality images are typically more expensive. However, Ryan feels that cost shouldn't stand in the way of having access to this level of imaging technology. "We offer our devices at a fraction of the cost of our competitors to allow for more widespread access to state-of-the-art imaging," he said.

Arineta also offers pay-per-use models for practices that can't afford to buy a system outright. With this model, a practice can break even with about four patients per day.

In addition to SpotLight Duo, Arineta also offers SpotLight CT, which is solely for cardiovascular imaging, and its Mobile SpotLight CT. In November, the company installed its first SpotLight CT in the U.S. at Connected Cardiovascular Care Associates (C3) in Dallas.