Photo courtesy: Blackford

Blackford and Lucida Medical announce commercial partnership for MR prostate AI

April 19, 2024
by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief
Blackford, an Edinburgh-based strategic AI platform provider, has entered into a commercial partnership with Lucida Medical, a leader in AI cancer imaging technology, to incorporate Lucida's Pi – Prostate Intelligence solution into the Blackford Platform.

The Blackford Platform currently hosts over 120 AI solutions, emphasizing improvements in clinical accuracy and patient outcomes. By integrating Lucida Medical’s Pi technology, Blackford will offer enhanced support for the analysis of prostate MR exams, aiming to provide more precise and efficient diagnostic capabilities for prostate cancer.

Ben Panter, founder and CEO of Blackford, emphasized the value of this partnership in enriching their AI portfolio to better serve clinicians. "Integrating the Pi solution enables us to offer tools that not only facilitate informed decision-making but also enhance the overall quality of patient care," said Panter.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men. Predictions suggest that the incidence of prostate cancer could double by 2040, with up to 50% of current cases being identified at advanced stages (III-IV). The Pi technology focuses on automating time-consuming diagnostic processes and improving the accuracy of detecting clinically significant prostate cancer.

Dr. Antony Rix, co-founder and CEO of Lucida Medical, noted that recent studies have validated the expert-level performance of Pi across various healthcare environments and MR systems. "We're excited to bring Pi to more healthcare institutions across the U.K. and Europe, assisting clinical teams in delivering superior diagnostic and treatment services," Rix commented.