Densitas' intelliMammo is comprised of three applications: densityAI, intelliPGMI, and riskVue. (Photo courtesy of Densitas)

Densitas to integrate AI mammo platform with Intelerad software

October 27, 2023
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Densitas, a developer of AI algorithms for breast cancer screenings, is integrating its intelliMammo platform with Intelerad medical imaging software systems used by nearly 2,500 healthcare facilities, to improve their mammography reporting processes and scale mammography screenings.

intelliMammo is composed of densityAI, a deep-learning algorithm for standardizing and automating breast density assessments from mammograms in accordance with ACR BI-RADS breast tissue composition density scale requirements; intelliPGMI, an AI-based positioning quality score tool for ensuring quality assessments; and riskVue, which performs risk assessments from select breast cancer risk models.

The solution will be deployed on Intelerad’s IntelePACS diagnostic imaging and PenRad breast imaging reporting systems, providing insights that can be used to improve patient care, increase operational efficiencies, and strengthen compliance with FDA MQSA EQUIP and American College of Radiology (ACR) standards for mammography facilities.

The intelliMammo Navigator user interface and platform facilitates the integration of these three platforms by consolidating all necessary information from every mammogram processed from every mammography exam for each woman and offering advanced AI-based analytics in one place.

"With the integration of intelliMammo, PenRad, and IntelePACS, providers can focus more on patient care rather than spending time on administrative tasks. The automated reporting and organizational capabilities allow providers to quickly access comprehensive patient data, including breast density, mammography positioning quality, and risk assessment," Mo Abdolell, CEO of Densitas, and Morris Panner, president of Intelerad, told HCB News.

IntelePACS stores, retrieves, and routes medical images and includes InteleViewer, a DICOM solution that comes with a toolset and flexible interface that physicians, radiologists, and specialists can use to customize their reading and reporting workflows. It integrates with Intelerad’s InteleConnect Clinical Hub, which allows referring physicians to track, in real time, order statuses for rapid reporting delivery.

PenRad is a mammography reporting workflow software designed to automate tasks, eliminate duplication, and streamline secondary data input and transcriptions. It can automatically clone reports; offer BI-RADS recommended templates; calculate the depth, clock, and quadrant of lesions; and report breast density, risk score, clinical history, comparisons, and patient consent.

Both solutions are designed to integrate with third-party health information systems (HIS), radiology information systems (RIS), and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions.

Back in May, Intelerad integrated Augnito voice recognition technology into its vendor-neutral Intelerad Cloud platform, providing users with additional voice recognition options that enable them to report findings anyplace and any time that care is imminent.

Abdolell and Panner expect to see a greater focus on personalized patient care and precision medicine in mammography reporting in the next few years, potentially leading to increased use of AI and machine learning for image analysis, interpretation, and reporting, as well as standardized reporting templates and the inclusion of patient-reported outcomes.

"Research and trends also point toward a greater emphasis on preventative care and risk assessment, with the goal of early detection and intervention for breast cancer. Overall, patient demands for more transparent, accessible, and personalized healthcare will drive changes in the mammography reporting process," they said.