BIOTRONIK's Amvia Edge pacemaker

Miami hospital first in US to implant a BIOTRONIK's Amvia Edge pacemaker, simplifying MR imaging

September 07, 2023
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
The first implant of BIOTRONIK’s Amvia Edge pacemaker in the U.S. has been performed successfully in Miami.

Dr. Raul Weiss, a cardiologist and director of the William E. and Molly Ford Cardiac Electrophysiology Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center, placed the device within a patient, making it easier for them to undergo MR scanning in the future.

Here is a breakdown of the device’s core features:

It also uses closed-loop simulation to adjust timing differences between ventricular pacing pulses in the device by up to 30 milliseconds.

Amvia Edge was FDA approved in July.