MILABS launches its 7th generation of preclinical imagers at the World Molecular Imaging Conference 2021

October 04, 2021
Houten, The Netherlands, October 4, 2021 - With its new series 7 integrated line of products, MILabs has focused on elevating the user experience by how well each modality works on its own and how much better when all of them work together. Molecular Image details that were previously obscured by blurring and noise can now be revealed in detail, and the enhanced integration of modalities in its ecosystem is pushing several applications to new levels. Preclinical imaging applications that were hereto out-of-reach are possible because of the interaction between modalities. These include one-on-one translation of SPECT to PET, fluorescence and bioluminescence tomography, nuclear microscopy, targeted radiotherapy with high-energy tracer capabilities. According to the company, any of its modalities can be added at any time to seamlessly complement its unique molecular imaging ecosystem.

Frederik Beekman, CEO/CSO clarifies the technology backbone: “MILabs has succeeded with its unique room-temperatures detection technologies to detect at high resolution a continuum of photons from 1eV to 1MeV. This encompasses popular PET, SPECT, Optical and X-ray CT in vivo technologies for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications, as well as novel 3D ex vivo imaging techniques”.

About MILabs
MILabs B.V. (Houten, the Netherlands) is a global supplier of high-end molecular imaging solutions for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. Today these systems contribute worldwide to the development of new diagnostic solutions and therapies for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases. The recent acquisition of MILabs by the Rigaku Group of Japan exemplifies further the value of the company’s products and technologies. For more information, visit