Datavant has merged with Ciox Health and released its Datavant Switchboard for secure data exchange across the healthcare continuum

Datavant merges with Ciox, releases Datavant Switchboard

August 03, 2021
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Datavant has officially merged with health information management company, Ciox Health.

The newly combined company will also be called Datavant, which is home to the largest data ecosystem in the U.S. for secure data connectivity. To further its security offerings, Datavant also launched Datavant Switchboard, an expanded product suite that provides a neutral, ubiquitous infrastructure for the exchange of data across healthcare.

"Ciox is the industry leader in identified medical record release and retrieval, working with thousands of hospitals, health systems, clinics, and government agencies. As a trusted, neutral, and ubiquitous identified medical record release and retrieval provider, Ciox was the perfect partner for realizing our combined vision of connecting the world's health data to improve patient outcomes," Travis May, president of Datavant, told HCB News.

"Second, Datavant is neutral, meaning that we stay specifically focused on data exchange and connectivity. We don't do analytics, and we don't sell or aggregate data. This allows us to work with everyone across healthcare."

Ciox Health utilizes a network for clinical data connections to securely provide data and insights from patient medical records to healthcare decision-makers. Among its solutions are HealthSource, which uses interoperability and AI technology to manage the flow of health information from structured and unstructured records; Cross Check to automate and make medical coding more accurate, and eliminate manual management of second and third level reviews; Smart Request, a self-service option for requesting, tracking, paying for, and retrieving medical records; and its DataFit Platform for creating structured, analysis-ready formats of medical research from disparate data sets.

Datavant Switchboard connects disparate data sets and helps users control how their data is used, while complying with applicable regulations regarding patient privacy. Its infrastructure enables healthcare providers to de-identify, match and distribute data to parties they choose to work with and safely receive and match de-identified data from partners in the Datavant ecosystem. This ties first party and third party data that they license. They also can obtain medical records on behalf of a patient for the ecosystem quickly and easily.

Users also have tighter control permissions that allow for continual monitoring and auditing of all requests for access to their data and downstream use. The solution complies with HIPAA regulations when de-identifying data and monitors and protects downstream privacy controls. It is designed to ensure that data is only available to the right recipients at the right time.

In addition to healthcare providers, Datavant Switchboard can be used by payers, life science organizations, government agencies, research institutions, health data and analytics companies and by patient-facing apps.

"Given that healthcare decisions are life-shaping and often lifesaving for patients, every decision made in healthcare should be informed by data," said May. "If Datavant is successful in its goal of building neutral, trusted and ubiquitous infrastructure for health data connectivity, it will become much simpler for data to flow to the people who need it to make informed decisions.”

Datavant works with more than 700,000 providers, across more than 15,000 clinics and more than 40% of U.S. hospitals.