The Janice Beesley Hartvigsen Breast Care Center at Intermountain Medical Center Photo courtesy: Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare taps Ikonopedia for breast reporting and risk assessment

July 24, 2020
by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief
Salt Lake City's Intermountain Healthcare will be using Ikonopedia's structured breast reporting and risk assessment tools to improve reporting quality, efficiency, and maintain patient safety.

The systemwide implementation will be initiated at six of Intermountain Healthcare's hospitals, including the Janice Beesley Hartvigsen Breast Care Center at Intermountain Medical Center, and features integration with the Cerner EHR and other imaging systems.

"While we expect Ikonopedia's innovative cloud-based structured breast reporting system to bring significant efficiency gains to our technologists and radiologists, the focus is on providing high-quality and safe care to every one of our patients," said Dr. Brett Parkinson, imaging director and medical director for breast care services at Intermountain. "This starts with utilizing intuitive, easy-to-use reporting and risk assessment tools and closed-loop follow-up system to make sure that every patient and every clinical finding is monitored and fully resolved."

Intermountain Healthcare performs more than 160,000 mammography exams a year, and provides comprehensive treatment for breast cancer and other breast-related conditions, at more than 25 locations in Utah, southern Idaho, and southern Nevada.

Ikonopedia is an innovative structured breast reporting and MQSA management system designed to dramatically improve reporting efficiency and optimize facility operations. All findings are saved as discrete data, which allows Ikonopedia to prevent errors, maintain BI-RADS-compliant language and automate many time-consuming processes.