Clock-wise from top left: Niels van Vliet, Pat Fitzgerald, John Odenweller, Ed Sloan and Michael Friebe

My video interviews with Ed Sloan, Pat Fitzgerald, John Odenweller, Michael Friebe and Niels von Vliet

April 22, 2020
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Five Minutes in Healthcare is a new series we're introducing in HealthCare Business News, where I discuss current events with some of the industry's most influential leaders, as well as innovative thinkers who are working to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the last week I have had the pleasure of speaking to Ed Sloan, Pat Fitzgerald, John Odenweller, Michael Friebe and Niels von Vliet. Each interview is approximately five minutes long.

Here, in our first installment, Ed Sloan shares his views on what the coronavirus pandemic means for the economy long-term, talks about how it has impacted him personally, and reveals the first place he wants to visit once he can travel freely again.

In this installment we speak to Pat Fitzgerald, president of Chronos Imaging, about the ways coronavirus is impacting him personally, on a business level, and what it means for the future of healthcare delivery worldwide.

In this installment we speak to John Odenweller, a volunteer member of the ventilator acquisition team for, a nonprofit working to repair and redeploy out-of-use ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. After watching the video, we encourage you to visit to learn more about the organization's mission.

In this installment we speak to Michael Friebe, a medical imaging expert and entrepreneur who is well known in the industry. Professor Friebe is based in Germany, and shares his views on the success Germany has had in battling the coronavirus, the role of government in a crisis, and the future of trade shows.

In this installment, we check in with Niels van Vliet, general manager at BR Medical, about the impact of COVID-19 in Mexico City.

Please tell us what you think, and let us know who you would like to see interviewed next!