My visit to Russia while things are changing

January 15, 2020
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
I am visiting Russia on a business trip. DOTmed is more and more popular here.

It's an interesting time because there are big changes happening here. The Prime Minister, Dmitri Medvedv and his cabinet resigned today. Vladimir Putin is proposing changes to the Russian constitution that the U.S. news services claims will allow him to remain in power.

It is all up in the air what will happen... only time will tell.

The average Russian is in high spirits and feels good about the future. The healthcare community is doing well with prices much more reasonable than in the U.S. or even Europe.

More and more private clinics are opening in Russia.

Everything is at scale here including healthcare. The delivery system continues to expand and the level of care is high.

Last night I visited a grocery store with 45 checkout lanes and they were all full. You can buy anything and the quality is good.