RSNA Product Showcase

November 29, 2019
by Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager
The following are just some of the products and services on display at RSNA 2019.

FLUOROspeed X1
Shimadzu Medical Systems - South Hall A, #1315

Shimadzu’s newest radiographic/fluoroscopy system is a conventional RF table system offering high image quality and multitude of features to improve workflow. The patient-side table has a 665 lb. static patient weight and 500 lb. all motion weight, and can perform bariatric and daily routine RF exams. The X1 comes equipped with a 17”x17” dynamic digital x-ray detector in the table bucky. With its 31.5 inch aperture opening between table top and deck, the X1 is the ideal RF system for imaging patients in wheelchairs yet can fit in smaller rooms.

Shimadzu Medical Systems - South Hall A, #1315

Shimadzu introduced a new configuration for the SONIALVISION G4 universal digital R/F table system. The new configuration, known as the G4 LX, offers an optional 180 cm SID expanding Shimadzu’s RF product portfolio with an addition to an already high performing system. With the 180 cm SID configuration, the SVG4 brings additional functionality for making chest exposures with the table in the vertical position. In institutions where only small rooms are available, the 180 cm SID is used for making chest exposures where RF exams are needed but the space is not available to add a CTM and wall-stand.

Three Palm Software – North Hall B, #8110

WorkstationOne is the leading software solution for reading breast imaging modalities, providing an efficient workflow along with expert tools. Enhancements being shown at RSNA 2019 include a bundled plugin viewer for multi-modality comparison, and a graphical tool for markup localization across views, which is useful to convey markup locations to non-radiologists (e.g., for positioning in a follow-up ultrasound exam). These features build on extensive support for tomosynthesis, 3D ultrasound, and expanding support for AI vendors (including 3D interaction for tomosynthesis studies). WorkstationOne includes mechanisms for integration with existing PACS and reporting systems, so that it can be used to upgrade a site’s capabilities (e.g., for tomosynthesis reading) while not disturbing existing infrastructure.

New DR Product Launch Powered by MUSICA
Agfa HealthCare - South Hall A, #4705

Visit our booth at RSNA and discover our new groundbreaking DR system, powered by MUSICA. Discover how Agfa’s smart tools and the latest MUSICA functionalities improve staff and patient experiences. With MUSICA, imaging workflows reflect the real needs of technologists, radiologists and healthcare facilities; automatic and intelligent image processing delivers exquisite details and allows lower patient dose and data is transformed into quality and performance insights. Driven by AI and deep learning, the MUSICA Nerve Center Acquisition Workstation provides operational efficiency and intelligence, with a single, intuitive interface for smooth DR imaging. Smart, customer-driven innovations facilitate flexibility and customization to meet the needs and tasks of technologists, radiologists and imaging facilities.

RayStation with Machine Learning
RaySearch Laboratories - South Hall A, #1125

Be part of a smarter, more efficient clinical reality with RayStation – the world’s first treatment planning system with machine learning*. Generate high-quality treatment plans automatically using machine learning models trained on your data or data from leading cancer centers. Or achieve world-class organ segmentation in less than a minute. Bring a new dimension to automation, for planning that’s faster and smoother than you ever imagined. *Subject to regulatory clearance in some markets. Key features: Generate contours of organs in less than 45 seconds with deep neural network models; Generate personalized treatment plans in minutes; Benefit from trained models from leading cancer clinics; Train your own models; Share models with other clinics.

Q/ris 3000, Imaging’s “Perfect Fit” Workflow
medQ – South Hall A, #3941

“With great workflow, comes great productivity.” The imaging departments of 2019 have found “great workflow” with one of the industry’s leading Enterprise Imaging solutions, the Q/ris 3000 created by medQ. The Q/ris 3000 is an end-to-end, fully integrated workflow. Its modular architecture allows you to easily configure a solution to fit your imaging requirements without paying for what you don’t need. The Q/ris 3000 is universally interoperable and features the latest time-saving, error-reducing automation tools, such as; Integrated CDS, Peer Learning, Automatic Structured Data Capture, Charge Capture, a full suite of radiologist productivity tools, real-time business analytics reporting and more. The Q/ris 3000 has all the tools, and versatility to be the perfect-fit imaging solution for your enterprise

ArtPix DRF
Thales - South Hall A, MS 226 & MS 227

ArtPix DRF is a software platform for radiography and fluoroscopy that provides full HD images and advanced clinical applications, including stitching, digital X-ray tomosynthesis and a color-coded exposure index map. Customers have the option of a tablet user interface so the clinician can stay close to the patient. The solution also has a customizable workflow that can also be built around the organization’s branding.

CryoSRV - South Hall A, #4075
Using the CryoSRV multi-vendor monitoring system, we ensure your MRI’s cryogenic system functions optimally 24/7. Our monitoring system will send alerts to our trained staff for a low monthly fee with no upfront hardware fees. CryoSRV offers our customers a superior service experience. From your first contact with us, we work hard to exceed your expectations. From beginning to end we listen, educate and follow-up to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Illuminate® Rad/Path™

Softek Illuminate, Inc.
North Hall B, #6500

Illuminate expands your capability to put your EMR data to work by providing radiologists a new tool toward reaching 100% accuracy of diagnosis. By matching patient reads with corresponding pathology reports, radiologists can now track their diagnostic accuracy and get the complete picture to determine if the results are concordant or discordant. Information is displayed in an interactive dashboard in real-time, to measure accuracy when diagnosing multiple condition types. See a demonstration of Illuminate Rad/Path as well as other new and enhanced features at RSNA Booth 6500.

iFix Beekley
Beekley Medical – South Hall A, #1903

Comprised of both reusable and single-use components, iFIX’s versatile design allows for a variety of uses offering a head-to-toe solution for patient stabilization in multiple modalities. Disposable iFIX Fleece stretches and gently “hugs” the contours of the patient’s body for gentle, yet secure stabilization and lower risk of cross-contamination over other methods. Ideal for CT, MRI, X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, and Ultrasound. Distributed by Beekley Corporation to customers within the United States and its territories

Xpert bundle with CT8000: High-resolution one rotation scan
Xpert bundle with CT8000: High-resolution one rotation scan
Dunlee – South Hall A, #3307

The bundle has been developed and designed to perfectly fit into high-end CT systems. The wide X-ray tubes` coverage allows to scan the entire organ up to 16cm in one single rotation. Additionally, its unipolar tube design and CoolGlide technology offers exceptional cooling capacity. The Xpert bundle consists of an X-ray tube assembly, generator, cooling unit and cables. The components are supplied readily calibrated and configured to help reduce your required R&D resources and costs. On top of that we offer an all-round support during development and throughout the whole product lifecycle. You are set for an efficient production and clinical workflow.

Scenaria View CT Hitachi Healthcare
Scenaria View CT
Hitachi Healthcare Americas - South Hall A, #1911

The Scenaria View (View) Premium Performance CT sets a higher standard for satisfying important clinical needs. The View is a clinically versatile CT that includes an 80cm gantry aperture spaciously accommodating patients with a higher output 84kW generator and high weight capacity table enabling high quality imaging of bariatric patients. An automated lateral shift table with ±10 cm shift range facilitates easier and more accurate patient positioning that is important for optimum exam results. Faster workflow is facilitated with SynergyDrive features reducing the operator’s procedure steps and uses intelligent automation to improve exam set-up speed and consistency of results. The next level in CT is designed for your patients.

Monitor Quality Control Tool RadiCS 5.0
Monitor Quality Control Tool RadiCS 5.0
EIZO Inc. - North Hall B #6720

The Monitor Quality Control Tool RadiCS 5.0 enables the comprehensive maintenance and testing of monitors and covers all areas from calibration, acceptance, constancy testing and archiving. The optimal monitor quality control works with your radiological applications, allowing you to use work and flow features for convenient workflows in all user modes. In compliance with AAPM, DIN, IEC and other international standards, RadiCS 5.0 enables consistent monitor quality control with simple and easy-to-understand procedures.

RadiForce RX1270
RadiForce RX1270
EIZO Inc. - North Hall B, #6720

AIZO is releasing a 12-megapixel color medical monitor at the beginning of 2020. You can now view an even wider range of medical images at once, including displaying full high volume images for increased reading efficiency. The monitor was developed in response to radiologist need to read and interpret a wide variety of medical images to assess medical conditions in their patients. The RadiForce RX1270 resolution is approximately 1.3 times larger than EIZO’s former monitors. Making it ideal for accurately viewing PACS images such as grayscale Mammogram and Tomosynthesis, as well as color images such as 3D rendering and image fusion.

MCS-6074D CT Tube
Varex Imaging - South Hall A, #4729

New Varex MCS-6074D is designed as a replacement for the GE Performix 40 X-ray tube on the Optima CT660 CT scanner. Utilizing conventional bearings, the MCS- 6074D comes with a 12 month or 6000 patient exam warranty. Replaces OEM part numbers D3187T, D3188T, 2137130-11, 2137130-2

Cardinal CT Tube
Varex Imaging - South Hall A, #4729

The Cardinal (Computed Tomography) CT tube is being designed into new OEM equipment and is optimized for use in mid-tier range CT scanners. It also is a direct replacement for the Stargate/ CTR-2150 tube used in Philips Brilliance 6(r) and 16 CT scanners. With an X-axis toggling focal spot, a 5MHU anode and a 0.5 second gantry speed, the Cardinal has high heat capacity, excellent image quality and throughput allowing for quicker imaging. The tube also has a 12-month full replacement warranty.

Transportable MRI
Transportable MRI
AMST, a Kentucky Trailer company South Hall A, #5152 & North Hall B, #8537

Is your radiology department looking for quality imaging space outside the hospital footprint? In addition to standard mobile units, AMST manufactures transportable solutions. Transportables are oversized, semi-permanent medical units that bridge the gap between mobile units and modular buildings or fixed sites. At dimensions of 48-ft. or 60-ft. long and 10-ft. or 12-ft. wide, transportable solutions provide significantly more interior space than mobile units, without the construction costs and regulatory issues associated with fixed builds. Transportable solutions are highly customizable and provide an attractive and spacious environment for imaging. On wheels, transportables can be made to appear fixed but are easily removed when a project is completed.

VIVIX-S V series
Vieworks Co., Ltd. - South Hall A, #1723

View it now and you will know, VIVIX-S V series. VIVIX-S V series is the most reasonable DR detector that meets advanced technology and beautiful design to offer the pleasure of daily workflow. Presenting a cassette-size DR detector offered in 3 sizes - 25x30cm (VIVIX-S 2530V), 36x43cm (VIVIX-S 3643V), and 43x43cm (VIVIX-S 4343V). The new VIVIX series offers superior image quality through enhanced DQE and advanced image processing technology. Also, excellent durability reduces errors due to the careless management of the detector. Moreover, the lightweight and user-friendly design of VIVIX-S V series maximizes mobility. This series is currently under the FDA 510(k) clearance process.

Discover ProFound AI for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Discover ProFound AI™ for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
iCAD - South Hall A, #3929

ProFound AI, iCAD’s high-performance, concurrent-read, cancer detection and workflow solution rapidly analyzes each tomosynthesis image, detecting both malignant soft tissue densities and calcifications with unrivaled accuracy. Built on the latest deep-learning and artificial intelligence technology, this solution is clinically-proven to assist radiologists in addressing the challenges of reading tomosynthesis cases by improving cancer detection rates, reducing false positives and unnecessary patient recalls, and decreasing reading times. FDA-cleared, CE marked, and Health Canada licensed, ProFound AI is the only software available on the market that analyzes the entire DBT study and not just a single 2D synthesized slice. World class technology. ProFound outcomes.

PUMA-G System
PUMA-G System
CoapTech - South Hall A, #3452 (IR ZONE)

The PUMA-G System delivers a new gastrostomy method–enabling ultrasound visualization skin-to-stomach to identify a safe window for gastrostomy tract creation, without ionizing radiation.Utilizing your existing ultrasound, it employs readily available medical devices (guidewires and balloon catheters) for over-the-wire feeding tube placement. Gastrostomy procedures are often non-emergent and frequently bumped from the schedule, potentially leading to delays in care and additional care coordination. With its independence from fluoroscopic visualization, the FDA-cleared PUMA-G System enables prompt feeding tube placement, in suite or bedside. Bedside ultrasound gastrostomy allows for placement while the IR suite is turning over for higher reimbursement procedures.

Display Monitors LG Business Solutions
Display Monitors
LG Business Solutions - South Hall A, #2565

The LG 21.3-inch 3MP IPS display with 1000 nits brightness facilitates the viewing of medical images from CT and Angiography by presenting quality and accuracy. The 21HK512D clinical monitor allows medical professionals to easily distinguish even delicate detail. The standard DICOM Part 14 Gamma allows for accurate diagnostics as it adjusts the greyscale levels of medical images received from different types of image capturing devices. Plus, 18-bit LUT also provides an enhanced, accurate grayscale image, smoothing out the transition between LUT values. Auto Luminance sensor measures the backlight brightness stability and automatically compensates for brightness fluctuations caused by aging for a consistently stable display during the usage life.

LC3 Lifting Columns
LINAK U.S. Inc. - South Hall A, #3974

The LC3 lifting column family from LINAK is instrumental in high-end medical applications like imaging equipment. Available in standard, heavy-duty and two-stage versions, the LC3 is our strongest lifting column and can lift 1340 lbs.from the floor and 900lbs. from the ceiling. Whether your imaging application includes a C-arm or an adjustable table with ceiling mounted equipment, the essentials of accurate positioning, flexibility and speed are ensured by the LC3 lifting columns.

ALTA750 CT Tube
ALTA750® CT Tube
Richardson Healthcare - North Hall B, MS 303

Richardson Healthcare received CE Mark approval for the ALTA750® X-Ray Tube. The ALTA750 is a form, fit and function replacement for the Toshiba/Canon Medical Systems CXB-750D/4A CT tube. It is certified on OEM platforms from Toshiba Aquilion 4 through the PRIME. The ALTA750 has a prorated 12-month or 200,000 rotations limited warranty, whichever comes first. To optimize and increase the life of your new ALTA750 tube, Richardson Healthcare includes a Heat Exchanger and new HV Cable Kit as a complete tube assembly.

TechGate Auto
Aegys & ETS-Lindgren - South Hall A, #4047

TechGate Auto from Aegys is an advanced warning system for controlling access to the MRI room. Warning messaging is effectively communicated through the utilization of bright, dynamic, color changing LED barrier arms which extend across the opening to the MRI room. These barrier arms are rotated into position automatically by activation from MRI conditional remote transmitters or by the transit of anyone into or out of the room. Unlike plastic chains or retractable belts that require manual latching each and every time, the TechGate Auto self deploys ensuring effective hazard warning and access control at all times. “Caution Barriers” are now recommended by the American College of Radiology to protect the MRI room entrance when the door to the MRI room is open.

VIVIX-S F series
Vieworks Co., Ltd. - South Hall A, #1723

Feel the FINEST quality you have never felt before, VIVIX-S F series. VIVIX-S F series is the premium line up in the VIVIX Series. VIVIX-S series gained a reputation as a total retrofit solution by offering high-performance detectors and integrated software in packages. The new series adopts the latest imaging technologies, such as flexible TFT, the fine pixel pitch of 99μm, and user-friendly and robust design. The series is offered in 3 sizes - 25x30cm (VIVIX-S 2530F), 36x43cm (VIVIX-S 3643F), 43x43cm (VIVIX-S 4343F). This series is currently under the FDA 510(k) clearance process.

STILLE imagiQ2
STILLE imagiQ2
STILLE Surgical - South Hall A, #1653

The STILLE imagiQ2 has a patented ultra-transparent, carbon fiber top (.4mm AI) helping to reduce dose while enhancing crystal imaging. The True Free Float™ capabilities and extended tabletop allow for full imaging head to toe. With best-in-class functionality and slim design, the imagiQ2 can also help reduce C-arm adjustments. The STILLE imagiQ2 is the Low-Dose Enabler™. Visit our website for Ambassador testimonials from leading surgeons worldwide on improving OR efficiency and dose reduction with imagiQ2.

URS Straight Arm
Medlink Imaging
South Hall A, #2403

NEW compact and affordable, Medlink Imaging is proud to introduce the URS Straight- Arm. This complete and affordable system offers an advanced full-room digital x-ray solution in a design that is compact, efficient, and easy-to-install. Space Saving Design. Floor-to-Wall Column with Rotating Arm and Variable Height Center. Patients can be in standing, sitting or lying down positions. VIVIX 1717V DR Panel DR Workstation with Advanced Image Processing Software. Award-winning VXvue imaging software. 5 Year Warranty. Take advantage of our special introductory pricing.

Mercury 4.0 Phantom
Mercury 4.0 Phantom
Gammex - South Hall A, #2100

Characterizing Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) is often difficult without the proper phantom or protocol. The Mercury 4.0 Phantom from Gammex supports clear understanding of how an AEC operates and/or is affected by various acquisition settings. Designed at Duke University, and enhanced by Gammex, the Mercury 4.0 Phantom supports: Performance and effectiveness of Automatic Exposure Control/Tube Current Modulation; Evaluation of image quality for Iterative Reconstruction; Advanced quantitative metrics that reflect what clinicians see; Size-dependent image quality evaluation. See this CT QA solution firsthand at RSNA.

Dunlee DA200ULTRA CT Replacement tube
Dunlee DA200ULTRA CT Replacement tube
Dunlee – South Hall A, #3307

This OEM-equivalent, 6.3 MHU CT replacement tube can replace GE CT tubes in the BrightSpeed™*, Discovery™*, Lightspeed™* and Optima™* families Dunlee used knowledge gained through its long history in tube development to optimize this tube, resulting in excellent quality. In fact, Dunlee is so certain of the tube’s reliability that it provides a 12 -month, full warranty. The Dunlee DA200ULTRA replacement tube is manufactured in the USA. *The products listed may be trademarks of the OEM. For the latest information regarding the compatibility of CT tubes and scanners, please refer to our cross-reference guide at

CEIA USA Ferromagnetic Division - South Hall A, #3180

The wall-mounted CEIA MSDW detects magnets and all ferromagnetic objects considered dangerous in the MRI environment. The MSDW can operate as a single unit for a passby or rotate-by checkpoint or it can operate in pass-through configuration with CEIA's exclusive EVO analyses, which features uniform detection sensitivity over the entire transit area. Multi-zone acoustic and optical alarm signaling indicates the ferrous threat items on patients and staff. Limited operator training is required for ease and speed of system use. Integrated memory logging is available for recording up to 70,000 events including alarms, programming modifications and diagnostics

Lamboo Powered by SVSR Mobile Medical Unit
Lamboo Powered by SVSR, Inc. - North Hall B, #8544

Lamboo Powered by SVSR mobile units are assembled and constructed out of reinforced sandwich panels for extreme weather conditions. Seamless side wall construction, no corrosion, no rivets, high insulation valve, integrated shielding and lighter weight are just a few of the advantages of the sandwich panels. All units are produced in the US and we cooperate and install all major OEM medical equipment.

Innovative 5MP Color & Monochrome Diagnostic Displays
JVC Healthcare - South Hall, Booth #1742

For decades, JVC's unmatched technologies and expertise have opened doors to groundbreaking advancements in numerous industrial markets. And now, the medical imaging is the newest addition to its portfolio. JVC presents the “i3 Series” CL-S500 and MS-S500 further broadening the medical diagnostic imaging field to the next level. The 5MP color and monochrome displays offer new and exciting features including a sleek and stylish design with two-tone color, self-calibration, a glass protective panel and more consistent image quality. The new color management technology of the “i3 Series” features its unique X, Y, Z tracking and sophisticated color matching. We will also showcase a prototype of 12MP monitor with the i3 technology which can handle any type of image including digital mammography and general x-rays. Combined with the new calibration software QA Medivisor Agent, the JVC solutions make it easier to manage the day-to-day operations in the radiology department.

Marketing Referral App
MedInformatix - North Hall, #8306

New for 2020 is a marketing referral app that integrates seamlessly with the MedInformatix RIS and provides marketers anytime anywhere access to real-time referral data. The app enables marketers to chart pre- and post-marketing outreach notes on referring group(s) so a history can be developed to manage relationships as they unfold. Other features include an expense functionality to track budgets and calculate the approximate cost of referral, similar to the cost of customer acquisition used by sales professionals, so practices can determine a return on its marketing investment.

OT54 Cardio-Angio Ceiling Suspended Shield
MAVIG - South Hall A, #3100 & North Hall B, #8504

(Radiation Safety Zone) The Radial and Femoral Access OT54 Cardio-Angio Shield combines a larger radiation protective lead acrylic shield with an overlapping flexible lead curtain panel lays perfectly flush to the patient's body and stops a significant amount of scatter radiation coming from the patient. The new OT54 has two curved cut-outs to ensure consistent performance for both radial and femoral artery access. Germany's RöFo Publication recently evaluated the efficiency of the OT54 Shield with the flexible lead curtains and noted a dramatic dose reduction of the head and eyes of the operator. When the OT54 Shield is used in combination with the Patient Femoral or Radial Drapes a further dose reduction is noted. Sterile disposal covers are available for all products noted.