Varex Imaging expands service offering to Europe, releases new tube and detector line at ECR

March 07, 2019
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Installation support by Varex Imaging Corporation (Varex Imaging) officially launched last week at the 25th annual European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

Dubbed the Service Solutions Group, Varex Imaging now offers logistical, technical, and other necessary forms of support to manufacturers, ISOs and multi-vendor providers in European countries for the installation of tubes, flat panel detectors, and other components.

“In the past, if you needed support for installations, we couldn’t help you. If you had a problem, we asked that you let us know and we would give you a credit," David Hurlock, head of the Service Solutions Group for Varex Imaging, told HCB News. "Our customers need more than that. They need logistics support. They need customer service support. They need technical support. With this approach, we’re trying to put solutions in place for our customers and really put the focus on them and their needs.”

Currently operating in the U.S., the work of the group is carried out through three service centers owned by Varex Imaging in China, Europe and the U.S., as well as its factories worldwide.

Among the services offered will be logistical support, such as increased inventories at regional stocking locations; enhanced technical support; regional repair services to eliminate the onerous import and export processes that are inherent in shipping items; more competitive DR upgrade packages, DRF upgrade packages, and flat panels; an increased range of X-ray tubes; and unique service contracts that offer different, and extended warranties under better terms, including exchange programs.

"The idea is that we're addressing the life cycle of the equipment and the needs of the people that need to give service," said Hurlock.

In addition, the company also showcased a range of new products including its MCS-674D, a new tube designed to replace the GE Performix 40 on the Optima 660 CT scanner, and a new line of detectors known as the Z family.

A plug and play replacement, the MCS-674D is compatible with GE systems and has been life-tested for use. It is currently undergoing beta testing before being launched this year in the market.


Its Z platform consists of a range of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) based FPDs detectors designed for dental and surgical applications with a 100 µm pixel size. The devices provide better DQE, enhanced performance, and greater frame rates than traditional Silicon panels but lack the cost position of a tile CMOS panel. From a price/performance perspective, the devices are expected to be somewhere between that of CMOS and Silicon detectors, with sizes as large as 43x43. The technology is currently being validated for use.