Intelerad partners with EnvoyAI

Intelerad to advance InteleViewer platform with EnvoyAI technology suite

November 12, 2018
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Users of InteleViewer will soon have access to a set of new AI-based capabilities, thanks to a new partnership between Intelerad Medical Systems and EnvoyAI.

The Canadian health IT enterprise is providing enhanced accuracy for radiology reading and boosting efficiency for greater clinical outcomes by integrating and distributing AI technology of TeraRecon, the parent company of EnvoyAI, on its diagnostic viewer, making it the first distribution partner to offer the entire suite of TeraRecon’s machine learning products.

“Through EnvoyAI’s platform, Intelerad clients have the flexibility to choose from a broad list of algorithms that will continue to grow as the industry matures,” Christopher Click, product marketing manager, told HCB News. “Additionally, it was important for us to provide an advanced integration with our viewing technology that would augment the radiologists’ natural reading workflow.”

Revolving around the integration of the EnvoyAI platform, the Northstar AI Explorer, and the AI Adapter for iNtuition, the agreement offers radiologists simultaneous access to market-leading tools for enhanced natural workflow, as well as 60 different premium third-party EnvoyAI offerings.

Such advantages strengthen the native advanced visualization capabilities on Intelerad’s viewer platforms and allow radiologists to interact with a broad range of AI algorithms without disrupting workflow.

In addition, the agreement provides users with a flexible, integrated machine learning and AI platform that advances Intelerad’s viewing technology.

The solutions are tailored to the needs of individual organizations, an example being an open API offered by EnvoyAI, which can be leveraged by algorithm developers, technology partners and end users. It also offers a developer platform, integrations, and an integrated distribution platform for streamlining distribution and implementing trained machine learning algorithms.

The partnership builds upon previous ones with Blackford and Zebra Medical Visions, with Intelerad seeking additional collaborations to further advance its technology.

“We believe there will continue to be advances in Clinical Radiology AI, and the best approach to keeping ahead of the curve is by working with partners who offer a flexible platform approach,” said Click.