Philips' Ingenia Ambition X 1.5T MR

Philips new MR dramatically cuts helium requirement and needs no vent pipe

September 13, 2018
by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter
Royal Philips launched a new MR system on Tuesday that requires less than half a percent of the amount of liquid helium used in conventional systems and can reduce scan time by 50 percent.

“Helium is a finite resource,” Arjen Radder, global business leader for MR at Philips, told HCB News. “From our discussions with customers and our significant experience in the field, we are only too aware of the potential operational and financial impact when supply of helium is limited.”

The company was able to lower the amount of helium the Ingenia Ambition X 1.5T MR requires with its fully-sealed BlueSeal magnet. In addition, this magnet has no vent pipe and is 900 kilograms lighter than Philips’ Ingenia 1.5T ZBO magnet, which may significantly cut down on construction costs.

“MR provides exceptional diagnostic capabilities, but it also places substantial operational demands on the hospital or imaging center due to requirements for installation, footprint and service,” said Radder. “The fully-sealed design of our BlueSeal magnet results in significant operational and productivity benefits for our customers.”

The Ingenia Ambition X has both CE mark and FDA clearance. The first installation was recently completed at Spital Uster Hospital, which is a large provider of extended primary healthcare in Zurich, Switzerland.

"With the new Philips Ingenia Ambition X our patients can have the best of two worlds: leading MR technology with a smaller footprint,” Dr. Andreas Steinauer, chief radiologist at the university, said in a statement.

Philips equipped the system with features that help boost productivity and improve the patient experience:

“1.5T MR is core to the day-to-day operations of radiology departments, supporting clinicians in the diagnosis of a wide range of patient conditions,” said Radder. “The Ambition X combines our innovative BlueSeal magnet alongside a range of workflow and software innovations to really step up productivity across a big range of clinical applications whilst ensuring clinical confidence.”