Cyber attacks -⁠ How rude!

March 30, 2016
by Philip F. Jacobus, CEO
Yesterday, one of DOTmed's employees was speaking with an employee from MedStar Health and was told that their computer system had been compromised. As the day wore on, the media picked up that story and the news spread far and wide.

By now, we have all read about hospitals that experience cyber attacks and even some are forced to pay a ransom to get their data back.

DOTmed's lucky because we are small and we do not have the kind of information that hackers are after — but even we have to police our site to keep people from posting bogus information and when we catch them, we have to purge those listings.

It seems to me so selfish and so wrong when we live in an environment where health care providers are feeling pressure from so many different directions to give them something else to worry about.

There are so many people alive today and taking care of them is so difficult and so important, you would think that the hackers would leave them alone.

If you believe in Karma, you believe that what goes around comes around and I am pretty sure that these hackers are going to find themselves, at some point in their life, in need of health care and not able to get it for some technical reason. I hope when that day comes they remember this time in their lives.