6 Questions with Probo Medical

February 09, 2015

DOTmed: What outside forces are affecting your business the most?
Hospitals have been asked to cut millions out of their budgets. Anything a company can to that will save a healthcare system money will be a phenomenal product or service over the next 10 years. We feel refurbished medical equipment and repair solutions will continue to be a growing market as these hospitals look for creative ways to save money.

DOTmed: What differentiates you from your competitors?
We are a stocking dealer that specializes in ultrasound probes. We have one of the largest inventories of fully tested probes in the United States

DOTmed: Give us a snapshot of your business.
We provide refurbished ultrasound systems, probes, and probe repair services. All products are fully tested and come with a minimum 90-day warranty.

DOTmed: What makes you most proud of your company?
Our company was built around core values that are upheld in every interaction and transaction with our customers and vendors. Even our name, "Probo" is Latin for "having strong moral principles."

DOTmed: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities that you face?
The biggest challenge we face is not growing too fast. We have strong relationships within the industry and have great ambitions and goals for ourselves. We are moving at a lightning speed to realize these goals...and we sometimes need to slow down and "smell the roses".