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BIO-RAD Biorad D10 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

Biorad D10 5 500 € Condition : Refurbished Description : The equipment is sold refurbished, complete with accessories and a 6 months warranty on parts. Warranty Export : 6 months on... view more

July 30

Asking Price:
€5,500 EUR


HEMOCUE B-Hemoglobin Hemoglobinometer For Sale

Lot of (2) HemoCue B-Hemoglobin Photometers w/ (1) Power Supply *Parts Only* Description: Lot of (2) HemoCue B-Hemoglobin photometers with (1) power supply. This system uses microcuvettes... view more

July 29

Asking Price:
$23 USD


HEMOCUE Hb 201+ Hemoglobinometer For Sale

Item Name: HemoCue Hb 201+ Item description: With a small drop of blood (~10 μL), the HemoCue® Hb 201+ System determines an individual’s hemoglobin value within one minute. As the pioneer of... view more

July 27  

HEMOCUE Blood analysis B-Hemoglobin Photometer Hemoglobinometer For Sale

Up to three of these photometers are available. One includes the carrying case. These instruments can be operated on AC or DC (5 AA batteries) current. All appear to be in good working order. A... view more

July 26

Asking Price:
$99 USD


BIO-RAD D10 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

D10 by BIO-RAD Software windows 7 This system is in very good condition and sold as... view more

July 26

Asking Price:
€3,500 EUR

Maria Lorand / MUNOZ
phone: +34 62412420


BIO-RAD Variant 2 turbo Hemoglobinometer For Sale

This Variant 2 turbo is in very good condition and sold as is (working condition). Serial number: 11980. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to answer... view more

July 26  
Caroline Mendy / Vitam Dare
phone: +33 0237902168

DREW SCIENTIFIC DS 5 HbA1c ANALYZER Hemoglobinometer For Sale

ERBA SCIENTIFIC / DREW SCIENTIFIC DS 5 GLYCO-HEMOGLOBIN ANALYZER HbA1c FOR DIABETES NEW FOR SALE The DS5 system is intended for the measurement of HbA1c in blood samples. The system’s small... view more

July 25  

TOSOH HLC-723G8 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

ID#: 116572 YOM: Unknown Main unit only *Language: Japanese *Voltage: AC... view more

July 25  

ALERE INRatio 2 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

Item shown is a replica. Ask about discount rates for bulk purchases today! Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Disclaimer: No... view more

July 24

Asking Price:
$50 USD


TOSOH HLC-723G8 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

The Tosoh HLC-723G8 glycohemoglobin analyzers are used in diabetic screening. HbA1c (glycohemoglobin) is grouped into A1a, A1b, L-A1c and sA1c categories according to the kind of glucose combined.... view more

July 21  

BIO-RAD D100 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

the Bio-Rad D100 is the system have replaced the D10. Condition is perfect first install 23/04/2015, last service by Bio-Rad France november 2017. All accessories and important lot of reagents are... view more

July 18  
Laurent Eric / BIOTEKNICS
phone: +33 0614173515

BIO-RAD D10 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

Bio-rad D10 in perfect working condition, instruments cleaned and tested. ... view more

July 18  
Laurent Eric / BIOTEKNICS
phone: +33 0614173515

MENARINI HA-8140 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

This instrument as just become available ,it's a Glycohemoglobin Analyzer manufactured by ARKRAY (Japan) and it's in excellent condition. Spec's: MODEL: Hi-AUTO A1c HA-8140 Hemoglobin a1... view more

July 16

Asking Price:
€500 EUR


BIO-RAD D-10 Hemoglobinometer For Sale

The D-10 System provides comprehensive, fully automated HbA1c and HbA2/F testing in a compact footprint. Designed for clinics, physician offices, and clinical laboratories with small to medium sample... view more

July 13  
Ehab Kamel / LAB AND MORE
phone: +1 (404) 547-8222