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SHANDON ClearVue TM Coverslipper Wanted

Looking for this glass coverslipper that is compatible with a variety of H&E stainers. Please indicate functionality, physical condition/accessories. Pictures... view more

October 16  

LEICA 5030 Coverslipper For Sale

Unit is in beautiful condition. Comes with warrantee, operator manual, slide racks. Technical support available after the sale. CALL FOR... view more

October 16  

TISSUE-TEK Tissue Tek SCA Coverslipper For Sale

Complete and in excellent condition/ with baskets. This is the all white colored unit. Coverslips 1200 slides per hour and is considered the best overall coverslipper in the industry. This unit will... view more

October 16  

TISSUE-TEK tissue tek SCA Coverslipper For Sale

This is the all white unit that is newer than the model 4764 (red/beige). CALL FOR... view more

October 16  

TISSUE-TEK SCA tape coverslippe Coverslipper Wanted

Interested in purchasing a service manual for the tissue tek SCA coverslipper and for the DRS 2000 stainer, Tissue tek 4 or 5 embedders, Prisma stainer and Sakura glass coverslipper, DRS 601... view more

October 16  

TISSUE-TEK SCA Tape Coverslippe Coverslipper For Sale

Refurbed model (4764) red-beige color. Complete with slide baskets. CALL FOR... view more

October 16  

LEICA CV 5030 Coverslipper Wanted

Looking to purchase this fully automated glass coverslipper. Please indicate unit's condition. Pictures a... view more

October 16  

TISSUE-TEK SCA model 4764 Coverslipper Wanted

Looking to purchase a complete functional unit but will consider a non-working unit. We also arrange and pay for... view more

October 16