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ZEISS HUMPHREY UDR-700 Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

We are offer a Brand NEW, unopened BOX UDR-700 Digital refractor / Phoropter. Comes with 2 years warranty!!! Few units ready to go!!! Features Include: Auto PD alignment (when... view more

September 28  

NEW VISION AV-3N Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

SPECIFICATIONS A) Measuring Range: (1) SPH: 0.00D-19.00D(-0.25D)                +0.25D-16.50D(+0.25D) (2) CYL: 0.00D-8.75D(-0.25D) (3) AXIS: 0-180°(1°/5°) (4) P.D: 48mm-80mm (in 1mm steps) ... view more

September 28  

NEW VISION VT-6EL Phoropter Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

VT-6EL Phoropter (WITH LED) Product Acknowledge: (A)Measuring range: (1)SPH:0.00D~ -19.00D(-0.25D)  +0.25D~ +16.75D(+0.25D) (2)CYL:0.00D~ -8.00D(-0.25D)  (3)AXIS:0~180(5°increment) ... view more

September 28  

NEW VISION VT-6E Phoropter Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

VT-6E Phoropter SPECIFICATION: (A)Measuring range: (1)SPH:0.00D~ -19.00D(-0.25D) +0.25D~ +16.75D(+0.25D) (2)CYL:0.00D~ -8.00D(-0.25D) (3)AXIS:0~180(5°increment) (4)P.D:50mm~ 78mm... view more

September 28  

NEW VISION AV-1 Auto Vision Tester Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

AV-1 Auto Vision Tester Product acknowledge This machine is divided into main body and keyboard. The main body contains fours parts. And for the keyboard, it haves two parts: the color LCD102... view more

September 28  

NEW VISION YG-100 Vision Tester Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

Specification Sphere power Range: +16.75D~-19.00D Step: 0.25D Cylinder power (when applied with auxiliary lens -2.00D) Range: 0.00D~-6.00D 0.00D~-8.00D Step: 0.25D Cylinder axis... view more

September 28  

NEW VISION SLY-100 Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

This device is applicable to ophthalmology department of hospitals and spectacle stores for precision measurement of visual functions such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, eyesight balance,... view more

September 28  

REICHERT 11625 Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

The Reichert 11635 Phoroptor Refracting Instrument, the first and always the best refracting instrument, continues to be the industry standard after nearly 80 years. Face shields that can be washed,... view more

September 27

Asking Price:
$2,795 USD


BURTON 7500i Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

The 7500-I Refractor was the first model to bring illuminated dials into your exam room and is still recognized as the brightest. A marvel of engineering and innovative design, the Burton 7500-I... view more

September 27

Asking Price:
$2,195 USD


TOPCON VT-SE Phoroptors / Refractors For Sale

Topcon VT-SE Phoropter Minus Cylinder Topcon VT-SE Phoropter has easy to read scales to ensure the ease of operation. The Topcon VT-SE Phoroptor includes: • Synchronized cross cylinders • A... view more

September 27  
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