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FUJI Type C Cassettes For Sale

Package of Fuji Phosphor cassettes for transferring images to a digital device. - 16x Fuji IP Cassette, Type C, 18 x 24 cm - 9x Fuji IP Cassette, Type C, 24 x 30 cm - 2x Fuji IP Cassette, Type... view more

February 25  

KODAK X-Omatic Lanex Cassettes For Sale

This is a lot of (82) Kodak X-Omatic X-Ray cassettes. Most of them are in good condition, but some have some splits and cracks due to age. Some are somewhat difficult to close. 90 percent are in... view more

February 25

Asking Price:
$500 USD

Matt Murphy / North Star Medical
phone: +1 (314) 822-8945

FUJI IP cassette D Cassettes For Sale

We have 24*30 and 18*24 fuji film cassettes for sale, and a large variety of most every other brand... view more

February 24  
February 24

Asking Price:
$50 USD