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A Better Way for MRI Safety from Aegys®

Innovative TechGate, automated LED-lit caution barrier for MRI-room access control & CEIA Metal Identification products that detect either ferrous or non-ferrous metals at the push of a button; solutions that make sense. info@aegysgroup.com, 844-423-4976




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GE MR Signa Magnet Monitor


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GE eCoil Interface Device For Sale

GE eCoil Interface device for use with the GE 3.0T Signa Excite HD MRI. - REF: M128ERA8-HD - S/N: 0013 - Year of Manufacture:... view more

September 26  

MEDRAD Veris Veris For Sale

1 x MRI patient monitor on portable cart, ECG, SpO2 and blood pressure measuring, with all accessory, top condition yom 2012 -price 2490 Euro net ex warehouse and 1x MRI patient monitor on... view more

September 26

Asking Price:
€2,190 EUR


MR RESOURCES 240-100 Aluminum Stretcher For Sale

MR Resources Aluminum MRI Stretcher #240-100 This heavy-duty, all aluminum non-magnetic stretcher is an ideal unit for MRI patient transport. Finished in attractive white powder coat, it comes... view more

September 26  

SIEMENS 4752916, Magnetom Harmony, Magnetom Symphony Activ ECG-Electrodes 024/047 For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens Activ ECG Electrodes 024/047. modelnumber: 4752916 serialnumber: 00166SF5 itemnumber: A101492 compatible with: Magnetom Harmony Magnetom... view more

September 26  

SIEMENS 5774141, Magnetom Symphony, Magnetom Harmony ECG Lead Set For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens ECG Lead Set. modelnumber: 5774141 itemnumber: A101490 compatible with: Magnetom C! Magnetom Concerto Magnetom Harmony Magnetom Sonata ... view more

September 26  

SIEMENS Magnetom Harmony, Magnetom Symphony,Magnetom Sonata 4752916, Activ ECG-Electrodes For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens Activ Electrodes. modelnumber: 4752916 serialnumber: 10437SF5 itemnumber: A101489 compatible with: Magnetom Harmony Magnetom Sonata Magneto... view more

September 26  

SIEMENS Magnetom Avanto, Magnetom Espree, Magnetom Sonata 5516583&100213 Shoulder Array Coil 1.5T, 165mm For Sale

Dear ladies and ladies, we offer Siemens Shoulder Array Coil 1.5T, 165mm. modelnumber: 5516583/100013 serialnumber: 01235SF4 itemnumber: A101488 compatible with: Magnetom Avanto Magnetom... view more

September 26  

BRUKER Magscreen C MRI Monitor For Sale

Bruker Magscreen C MRI Monitor, available for parts. Good cosmetic condition, but cables... view more

September 25

Asking Price:
€195 EUR

September 25  
September 25

Asking Price:
$1,888 USD


SIEMENS 5773184, Magnetom Harmony, Magnetom Symphony RX4- Connector D26 For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens RX4-Connector D26. modelnumber: 5773184 serialnumber: 01136 itemnumber: A101449 compatible with: Magnetom Harmony Magnetom Sonata Magnetom... view more

September 25  

SIEMENS 7562981,Magnetom Avanto,Magnetom Espree D60-Can/Service& 7127058 D310 Board For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens D60 Can/Service & 7127058 D310 Board. modelnumber: 7562981 D60 serialnumber: 01037 modelnumber: 7127058 serialnumber: 01333 itemnumber: A101448 ... view more

September 25  

SIEMENS 8112604,A4161, Magnetom Avanto Control panel left For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens Control panel left. modelnumber: 8112604 itemnumber: A101462 For more details feel free to contact... view more

September 25  

GE 2260427 Body Coil Coolant For Sale

GE Body Coill Coolant PN - 2260427 Brand New. Still sealed in... view more

September 24