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MINDRAY TE5 Ultrasound System MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

MINDRAY TE5 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System with one transducer connector (2121E- PA00009, v03.01.00 sw) 15-inch Seamless Touch Screen, Anti-glare and Wide View Angle 120GB Solid State Hard Disk... view more

October 29  

KONICA MINOLTA SonoImage HS1 MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

5 x Konica SonoImage HS1 Ultrasounds Musculoskeletal Procedures Ultrasound Designed for Anesthesia, Pain Management, Elastography, Needle-Guidance, Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine, and... view more

October 27  

PHILIPS Epiq 7 Xmatrix MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

Philips Epiq 7G - X Matrix Shared System (can be used for General and Cardiac and OB) Shear wave Elastography and great cardiac options Date of manufacture 2013 Refurbished HW:A 2 probes: ... view more

October 27  

ULTRASONIX Sonix SP MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

Ultrasonix Sonix SP ultrasound system. YOM: 2009. In excellent cosmetic condition, but the system does not boot. Therefor available for parts... view more

October 26  

SONOSITE M-turbo MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

2012 Sonosite M-turbo Ultrasound For Sale Includes: 13-6 Linear Probe Installed Options: CPD, ECG, M, PW, THI, CW, Color, DPLX Clips, HD, MSK, MBe Battery This is one of the nicest looking... view more

October 26  
Greg Kennebeck / ProMed Solutions, Inc.
phone: +1 (562) 326-5720 x1427

MINDRAY TE5 Ultrasound System MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

MINDRAY TE5 TOUCH ULTRASOUND - NEW - Standard Configuration: 15-inch Seamless Touch Screen, Anti-glare and Wide View Angle, 120GB Solid State Hard Disk & iStation™ Patient Information Management,... view more

October 25  

GE Venue 50 MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

ID:535173 DOCKING CART NZCART (YOM: 2017.3) Linear probe 12L-SC (YOM: 2017.3) AC cable SD card (8GB inside main unit) * Small scratched and shaved main unit * Linear probe: Paint peeling,... view more

October 21  

MINDRAY M7 MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

New Mindray M7 with warranty. Probes on request.... view more

October 16  

SONOSITE M-TURBO MSK - Musculoskeletal For Sale

Pre owned color Doppler portable unit, Mfg 03-2015, minidock, docking station. L38x/10-5 MHz, other probe configuration upon request. Warranty 60 days - Worldwide shipping - Contact us for price... view more

October 10  
Semeraro Mario / Umed.SAS
phone: +33 130097500