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We sell and install GE, Philips & Siemens Cath & Angio Labs

We buy, sell, service and install Philips FD-20, Innova 2100, 3100 & 4100 Cath, Angio & Cath/Angio Labs. Turn-Key Project Management. Call 800-722-3646 for a quotation. Email us at: INFO@INTEGRITYMED.COM.

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AR Medical - #1 in Parts Sales on Philips & Siemens. Cathlab Parts in Stock

New Parts for Discounted Prices. Over 20,000 Parts Inventory - MRI, CT, CATHLAB. Global Shipping & Support. Install & Deinstall services available. Contact us today at sales@armedicalsolutions.com. Call or WhatAp +1 954-612-8008

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GE Innova Cath Angio Lab Phantoms


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GE INNOVA 2100 Cath Angio Lab For Sale

2008 GE Cardiac / Vascular cath/angio lab model INNOVA 2100 IQ. REVISION DL6 UNITY 4.19.14 Year 2008. Digital Flat Panel 20 x 20cm. Floor mounted type for cardiac, vascular and interventional use... view more

September 17  
September 16

Asking Price:
$8,800 USD

September 16

Asking Price:
$7,500 USD

Diagnostic Imaging Training: RSTI (Radiological Service Training Institute)

15,000 service professionals from over 50 different countries have trained in over 35 courses in radiology, mammography, CT, ultrasound, networking, PACS, & DICOM. Classroom & lab facilities to accommodate up to 60 students.

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SIEMENS 2015 Artis One Cath Angio Lab For Sale

. Siemens Artis One Interventional Angiography manufactured in 2015. Floor mounted system. Large LCD monitor. Coming available soon in Indiana US.... view more

September 16  

GE 2011 Innova 3100IQ Cath Angio Lab For Sale

Innova 3100 IQ manufactured in November 2011. Performix 160A x-ray tube replaced in Sept 2016. Still up and running in... view more

September 16  

GE Innova 3100 IQ Cath Angio Lab For Sale

GE Innova 3100 IQ manufactured in August 2007, Performix 160 A tube manufactured in May 2015. Software FMI 12118 Kit SP4 Unity Upgrade / Calypso_CLV.Platform 4.52.30 cm / ATL 4.2-8_8. Under GE Full... view more

September 16  

GE Innova 3100 Cath Angio Lab For Sale

Innova 3100 IQ manufactured in 2006. December 2008 Performix 160A x-ray tube. Software Unity SP4. System had been under OEM service until it was deinstalled just recently.... view more

September 16  

Your cath angio lab guide. Call Kenn Dextrom @ Block Imaging 1-517-668-8800

We help you buy, sell, and service cath angio labs: Philips, GE, Siemens, Toshiba. You can research prices, compare models, watch service videos, request spare parts, and more. Find answers fast https://info.blockimaging.com/cath-lab-equipment-resources

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SIEMENS Artis zee Biplane System Cath Angio Lab For Sale

Axiom Artis ZEE Biplane Angio,2009 model. Excellent condition. megalix cat plus 125/20/40/80 122 GW PN 10144184 2016,september megalix cat plus 125/20/40/80 121GW PN 10144179 ... view more

September 17

Asking Price:
$100,000 USD

Cengiz Dogru / Siemed Medical
phone: +90 905412903050

SIEMENS Axiom Artis Zee Floor Cath Angio Lab For Sale

Axiom Artis ZEE floor,2009 angio system. With a Dec,2014 Xray tube. You can ask for installation and... view more

September 17  
Cengiz Dogru / Siemed Medical
phone: +90 905412903050
  • Title: Sireskop SD
  • Category: Cath Angio Lab
  • Equipment Manufacturer: SIEMENS
  • Equipment Model: Sireskop SD
  • Comments: Our organization is accepting proposals for a replacement Siemens Sireskop SD fluoroscopy unit. We invite your firm to submit a proposal to us. A brief description of our organization, the services needed, and other pertinent information Services to Be Performed by the Unit Your proposal is expected for a unit that can facilitate the following services: 1. Urethrograms 2. Colostomy Enema 3. Fistulogram 4. Water Soluble Contrast Studies 5. Hysterosalpingogram 6. Intravenous Pyelogram 7. Micturating Cystourethrogram 8. Cystogram 9. Barium Studies 10. T-Tube Cholangiogram 11. Video swallows with speech therapist. 12. Video swallows with neurologist for implantation of titanium vertebral discs. Your Response to This Request for Proposal In responding to this request, we also require the following information: 1. Whether the unit is new, refurbished (manufacturer warranty) or refurbished (no manufacturer warranty) 2. If the unit is not new kindly provide information regarding service history 3. Square footage of room required for the unit 4. Cost of unit separate from cost of any installation 5. Cost of freight 6. Any landing charges (if you are quoting landed and installed). Please note we are able to apply for a duty waiver and our customs broker can facilitate clearance. 7. Preparedness of site anticipated to be done by us 8. Payment Terms 9. Names of two other clients who we may contact for feedback on units which you have provided to them in the last two (2) years 10. Note technical support terms and conditions, if any will or can be provided. Other Information Upon receipt of your response, we will facilitate a discussion with you regarding same .

GE Innova 3100 IQ Cardiac Flat Panel Detector Cath Angio Lab For Sale

GE Innova 3100-IQ Cardiac Cath Lab Year: 2010 CardioTree Software Version 3.0 Rev. C Mac-Lab/SpecialsLab Rev. 6.8 2010 Mac-Lab/CardioLab Registry Forms V1.0 PN: 2045801-001, Rev. D 19-OCT-10 ... view more

September 15  

First Call Parts announces their certification to ISO 9001:2015

This should provide customers with confidence that we provide repaired, refurbished, & tested imaging parts that will meet needs & expectations. Certification symbolizes commitment to continual improvement & customer satisfaction. Call 800-782-0003!

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PHILIPS 4522-700-00143 Footswitch CV Cath Angio Lab For Sale

Item # 274994 Title: Philips 4522-700-00143 Footswitch CV Manufacturer: Philips Model: 4522-700-00143 Description: Footswitch CV Quantity: 1 Item Location: NC Warehouse Over All... view more

September 14

Asking Price:
$500 USD


GE Discovery IGS 740 IR Cath Angio Lab For Sale

GE Discovery IGS 740 Cath Lab 2015 Model 5418813 Hybrid Cardiac Angiography Cath Lab Single Plane, Flat Detector Software Version IGS... view more

September 14  

TOSHIBA Infinix CC CAS-8000 V/Cx Cath Angio Lab For Sale

Toshiba Infinix CAS-8000V Bi-Plane Cath Lab Floor-Mounted C-Arm Support Model CAS-10A/CX, Ceiling-Suspended C-Arm Unit Model CAS-8000V, Ceiling-Suspended C-Arm Unit Model CAS-8000V for CAS 10A/CX... view more

September 14