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ASSURED IMAGING Mobile Dental Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

Mobile Dental Coach This is built with ease of use in mind. Assured Imaging can outfit this coach complete with equipment to make it a Dental clinic on wheels. Waiting are to seat 5 or less... view more

July 11  

VARIOUS GXR-32 Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

2016 DRGem 32 kw high frequency generator model GXR-32 with 2020 Imaging digital 14x17 digital receptor mounted on a tilting wallstand for upper cervical. Floor to wall mounted tubestand with 6'... view more

July 08  
Colin Kelley Jr. / Kelley X-Ray Co.
phone: +1 (423) 698-3282

DEL MEDICAL ATC 525 Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

2005 Del Medical atc 525 single phase 30kw 240vac chiro system including tube collimator tubestand rails cables and wallstand (No table) FOB... view more

July 06

Asking Price:
$6,500 USD


GTR Reliant Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

NEW IN BOX, GTR Reliant Generator with 5 yr parts warranty. Paired with used TIngle Tube stand and Bucky for a Chiropractic room.... Note: can be paired with a generic, non-tilt chest stand for a... view more

July 06

Asking Price:
$10,000 USD


AMERICOMP L177-1 Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

2017 Americomp Chiropractic Room. 220 v 1 ph, professionally de-installed, calibrated and ready for immediate installation. Add $10,000 for 2017 Vita Direct view CR FOB Dahlonega Ga ... view more

July 05

Asking Price:
$9,000 USD


TRX TXR 524SFQ Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

TXR SINGLE PHASE GENERAL MEDICAL SYSTEM. This system includes * TXR Generator Model 524SFQ * 500mA * 125kVP * Dial Controls with LED display or setting * Floor and Wall Mount Tube Stand... view more

July 03

Asking Price:
$12,500 USD

Daniel Giesberg / American Medical Sales
phone: +1 (310) 471-8900 x300

KONICA Regius 110 Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

2008 Konuca Regius 110, deinstalled in working condition.. comes with 4 plates.. NO... view more

July 01

Asking Price:
$3,500 USD


BENNETT HFQ-300P Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

1998 HFQ 300P high frequency chiropractic room. 220 v 1ph, professionally deinstalled and ready for immediate installation.. FOB Dahlonega, Ga dealer inquiries... view more

July 01

Asking Price:
$5,500 USD


BENNETT Various Chiropractic X-ray Wanted

My client is seeking 2-3 Chiropractic Rad Rooms, no processor needed. We prefer reasonably close to Ohio, PA, KY, WV if at all... view more

June 25  

SUMMIT 2005 30HF Xray System Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

Make a reasonable offer on a 2005 Summit HF 30 system Complete with wall stand and tubestand Plus shipping We can install if needed for an extra... view more

June 22  
Paul McCabe / Imaging Services, Inc.
phone: +1 (215) 796-7288

TINGLE 325D Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

2001 Tingle 325D generator package with tube and cables or a complete system Great for replacement or start up Make an offer before it is gone Plus... view more

June 22  
Paul McCabe / Imaging Services, Inc.
phone: +1 (215) 796-7288

UNIVERSAL MP 500 HF Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

Great replacement High Frequency generator package includes: 1995 Control 500 MA HF Power cabinet for single phase or three phase power Transformer Tube Collimator Eureka MC 150 HT cables ... view more

June 22  
Paul McCabe / Imaging Services, Inc.
phone: +1 (215) 796-7288
Vito Ciparis / Mobile-CR LLC
phone: +1 (262) 344-5999

MINXRAY HF-100H Chiropractic X-ray For Sale

For Sale Portable MinXRAY HF-100H in good condition. Output 100kV/20mA. High Frequency The kV is adjustable from 40kV to 100 kV, the mA is fixed at 20 mA. Time is adjustable from 0.01... view more

June 19