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SIEMENS C.Cam Nuclear Gamma Camera


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DIGIRAD Cardius III Nuclear Gamma Camera Wanted

Need Cardius III for order in-house. Please let us know what you... view more

December 04  

DIGIRAD Cardius 2 XPO Nuclear Gamma Camera Wanted

Need to purchase DIGIRAD Cardius 2 XPO Mobile SPECT Camera Please let us know if you have this system now or in the immediate... view more

December 04  

SIEMENS C.Cam Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

Reconditioned Siemens C-cam. Dual head gamma camera with NEW workstation and Cedars Cardiac Suite Software Components Included: • 90º fixed dual detector CCAM • Reclined position imaging.... view more

December 04  

Servicing GE/Siemens Nuclear Medicine equipment with OEM trained engineers

Numed, a well established company in business since 1975 provides a wide range of service options including time & material service, PM only contracts, full service contracts, labor only contracts & system relocation. Call 800 96 Numed for more info.


DIGIRAD Cardius® 2M XPO Mobile Dual Head Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

Cardius®-2M XPO Mobile Dual Head is a compact, solid-state imaging system that is designed for dedicated cardiology applications. The product offers the smallest footprint available today, fitting in... view more

December 04  

DIGIRAD 2020TC Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

The Mobile Digirad 2020tc Single-Head Gamma Camera is a compact, lightweight, solid-state nuclear gamma camera that is designed to offer maximum clinical versatility, convenience and flexibility... view more

December 04  

SIEMENS CCam (C.Cam, C-Cam,C Cam) Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

The Siemens CCam (C.Cam, C-Cam,C Cam) gamma camera is a reliable, dual detector cardiac imaging system with a compact footprint. Whether you’re considering offering in-house nuclear cardiology... view more

December 04  

ADAC/PHILIPS CardioMD Series III Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

The CARDIO MD is a digital nuclear gamma camera with fixed 90º Dual rectangular detectors. Cardiac SPECT acquisition is performed with a dedicated acquisition interface. The patient imaging table... view more

December 04  

The best diagnostic nuclear imaging systems, parts and service available

United Medical provides the very best new & refurbished gamma cameras, quality parts & repair services. We also rebuild & replace camera detectors, move camera systems across town or across the country. Call us at 888-239-3510

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SIEMENS E-Cam Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

The Siemens ECAM is a dual detector imaging system with a pass through gantry design for fast date acquisition. With a high performance solid state dual detector variable angle system and flexible... view more

December 04  

ADAC/PHILIPS CardioMD Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

Reconditioned Philips CardioMD Nuclear Medicine Camera: Two Rectangular Digital Detectors 24 High-resolution Photo-multiplier Tubes Per Head SPECT Imaging Table Jetstream Workstation OR... view more

December 04  

SIEMENS E-CAM /SYMBIA E Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

2008 Siemens E-CAM /SYMBIA E with the new style SYMBIA Foresight detectors. Cardiac and Whole Body SPECT gamma camera. 3/8” crystal. Includes TOWER VA46. Color monitor, ECG Gate and one set of LEHR... view more

December 03  

GE MYOSIGHT Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

2007 GE MYOSIGHT Cardiology with 4DM SPECT Nuclear Medicine gamma camera. 2007 GE MYOSIGHT new style BLUE with Super Micro and XELERIS 2. Dual Head Digital Gamma Camera. 4DM SPECT Nuclear... view more

December 03  

Diagnostix Plus - Trade In Offer On Your Old SPECT Cardiology System

Trade in your non performing SPECT cardiology system for a high return PET camera. Reliable SPECT, PET & PET/CT systems at a fraction of the cost of new. Call Diagnostix Plus @ 201-530-5505

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GE VENTRI - CARDIAC SPECT Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

2007 GE VENTRI Dual Head Digital CARDIAC SPECT camera. Currently installed and operational. Serviced by GE. Available for removal in April/May timeframe. If not sold by then it will come to our Fort... view more

December 03  

GE Millenium MG Nuclear Gamma Camera For Sale

2007 GE MG new style BLUE with Super Micro and XELERIS 2. Dual Head Digital Gamma Camera. Nuclear Medicine Dual-Head Digital Gamma Camera; All Digital Variable-Angle; Continuous Step and Shot... view more

December 03  

DIGIRAD Portable Nuclear Gamma Camera Wanted

We are looking for a portable mobile Digirad Nuclear Gamma Camera. For general and cardiac use. Must be in good working condition. Please contact us if you have this available.... view more

December 03