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SIEMENS MAGNETOM C! 0.35T MRI Scanner Wanted

We are looking to buy a Siemens MAGNETOM C, 0.35T MRI.... view more

March 04  

GE Signa HDe 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2006 ge hde 1.5t 15x - mxr101512 cxk4 short bore magnet serial: r5143 15x software hp xxx 9300 worstation lytton cabinet lightweight removable table f20 compressor rdk 408a3 cold head ... view more

March 04  

PHILIPS Achieva X-Series 3.0T MRI Scanner For Sale

2011 Philips Achieva 3.0T REX Magnet Uninstalled and packed warm by Philips Always maintained by Philips Pictures and video upon request Available... view more

March 04  

Philips and Siemens MRI Spare parts for all model systems

All parts available upon request. Please include part number and description for your request. Full Warranty. Call 813-925-1314 or email at

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PHILIPS Achieva 3.0T Dual Quasar MRI Scanner For Sale

SYSTEM: 2006 Philips 3.0T MRI 16ch Achieva Dual Quasar Philips ID # Philips SRN # MAGNET: F2000, Helium burn off is 1% every 5 days, magnet has never quenched according to Philips COMPRESSOR: ... view more

March 04  

PHILIPS Achieva 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

SYSTEM: 2006 Philips 1.5T MRI 16ch Achieva Single Pulsar Philips ID # Philips SRN # 11027 MAGNET: F2000, Helium burn off is normal, 1% every 23 to 24 days COMPRESSOR: HC-8E HELIUM LEVEL: 60% ... view more

March 04  

PHILIPS Achieva 3.0T 32CH MRI Scanner For Sale

System Specs: SYSTEM: 2007 Philips 3T MRI 32 ch Achieva Enterprise Philips ID # Philips SRN # MAGNET: Zero Boil off Magnet COMPRESSOR: CSW-71 with 80,000 hours on it. HELIUM LEVEL: 60% New... view more

March 04  

GE Optima MR430s 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

2013 Optima MR430 available now. Best offer this... view more

March 04  

AR Medical - #1 in Parts Sales on Philips & Siemens. MRI Parts in Stock

New Parts for Discounted Prices. Over 20,000 Parts Inventory - MRI, CT, CATHLAB. Global Shipping & Support. Install & Deinstall services available. Contact us today at Call or WhatAp +1 954-612-8008.

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PHILIPS Achieva 1.5T body coil MRI Scanner For Sale

used tested pulled from dual nova achieva system ... view more

March 04  

ESAOTE O-Scan MRI Scanner For Sale

2014 O-Scan for sale Excellent working and cosmetic condition includes 3 standard coils: Dual phased array knee. Hand. Foot/ankle/elbow Best offer... view more

March 04  

FONAR Upright (Stand-Up) Multi-Position MRI Scanner For Sale

2006 Fonar Stand Up MRI Please email us for additional information ... view more

March 04  

SIEMENS Amira 1.5T MRI Scanner For Sale

• Brand: Siemens • Model: Amira 1.5T • Installed: 2015 • Availability: April/May 2021 • ID number: SMS00347 • Condition: Complete and fully functional • Field Strength: 1.5T • Gradients: XF... view more

March 04  

PM Imaging MGMT: (213) 276-8209,

From CA to NY and around the world we buy and sell your used imaging equipment at market value or higher. We offer spare MRI and CT parts, accessories and services supporting most OEMs. We also offer purchase, long or short-term Mobile MRI & CT rental.


ESAOTE C Scan MRI Scanner For Sale

Summus Medical is now offering a 2006 Esaote C-Scan Extremity MRI fully functional. De-installed and available for immediate shipping. Includes all pictured accessories. Field Strength: .23T... view more

March 04  

SIEMENS Magnetom Avanto, Sonata, 5516583 Shoulder Array Coil Small 165mm MRI Scanner For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens Shoulder array coil small 165mm. modelnumber: 5516583 serialnumber: 006749 itemnumber: A101159 Compatible with Magnetom Avanto, Magnetom Espree,... view more

March 04  

SIEMENS Magnetom Avanto, Espree, 05512053 Flex Large 047 CPL MRI Scanner For Sale

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we offer Siemens Flex Large 047 CPL. modelnumber: 05512053 serialnumber: 2017 itemnumber: A101158 Compatible with Magnetom Avanto, Magnetom Espree, Magnetom... view more

March 04