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SIEMENS Quantum Symphony Magnet For Sale

2006 Siemens Quantum Symphony 1.5T MRI Quantum Gradients 150mT/m/ms Slew Rate Software Numaris 4 VA30A Please contact us for more... view more

September 26  

SCIENCTRONICS Series 10k Magnet For Sale

Scientronics Series 10k Eye Magnet. Powers on. Used, As-Is.... view more

September 21

Asking Price:
$125 USD

Bob Gaw / PRN
phone: +1 (508) 679-6185

WHIPMIX 2200 Magnet For Sale

This unit is in good condition. it is from a location university dental lab. it does not include a facebow or any other accessories. What you see in the pictures is all there is. It is as you... view more

September 21

Asking Price:
$95 USD

September 20

Asking Price:
$417 USD

MFI Medical
phone: +1 (800) 633-1558

PHILIPS Intera Master Magnet For Sale

Philips MRI Intera 1.5T Master, System tested, refurbished, painted and packed Warranty “First scan” Installation excluded Gradient 274 Dual S23 RF Ampl. SW Rel. 9 Magnet warm Coldhead and Adsorber... view more

September 17  

GE 1.5T CXK4 LCC Magnet For Sale

GE 1.5T CXK4 LCC magnet only, includes 1 Sumitomo compressor Model# CSW-71D New coldhead installed 04/29/2019 RDK-408-A2 (rebuilt date 10/4/2018) Complete Blue skintight covers Helium: 32.02 % ... view more

September 15  

GE DCERD2 Digital W_IF ASSY, Part Number: 5133807 Magnet For Sale

DCERD2 Digital W_IF ASSY, Part Number: 5133807 Loaners: Available "ISO Certified, In Business Since 1996" "Outright Purchase, Repair, Exchange, Demo, and Rental Available" Please contact... view more

September 09  

SIEMENS Avanto 1.5T Magnet For Sale

Siemens Avanto 1.5T 2004yr Software Version-VB17A Gradient-SQ Channel-[76x18] Coils: Head Matrix, Body Matrix, Spine Matrix, PA Matrix, Breast Matrix, CP Flexible(L), CP Flexible(S), Loop Large,... view more

September 06  

PHILIPS 1.5T F2000 magnet Magnet For Sale

Available for sale a Philips / IGC F2000 magnet, used on Intera and Achieva systems. It is cold with 68% helium. Available immediately. Hablamos Espanol.... view more

September 04  
Alex Luna / Mintrex
phone: +1 (469) 910-3438

GE 450 W Magnet For Sale

GE 450 W MRI Scanner with 32 Channels and GEMS package standard coils Head Neck, Extremities. Currently Installed and in Clinical Use. Available soon, 30 to 60 days for removal. Under OEM... view more

August 27  
John Gebhardt / Healthcare Systems Inc
phone: +1 (410) 212-0718