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Rudy NematZadeh, Medical I.T. Equipments
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4500 W. 34th St. STE K
Houston, TX 77092 USA
Phone: +1 832-877-1250

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About Us

Who Are We?

Bayland Technologies, Inc. is world's largest refurbisher & wholesaler of medical display monitors and medical film digitizers. We service, repair, refurbish and sell over 200 piece of digital radiology equipments every month. our customers range from major manufacturers to small clinics located all over the world. Customers from China to Chile and from Czech Republic to South Africa have taken advantage of our great deals and excellent service and support. We are here to help and assist you in going digital at the most affordable way. Contact us today and find out how Bayland Technologies Inc. can become your reliable supplier/partner in digital radiology world.

Bayland Technologies was established in 2007 in Texas with one goal in mind, to help medical imaging centers, physician’s offices and small hospitals, achieve the highest level of standards in the industry by purchasing quality digital diagnostic imaging equipments at a reasonable price.


What Do We Do?

We are specialised in medical display monitors, Vidar film digitizers & AGFA Healthcare products

  • We Sell, service, repair and refurbish all Barco medical display monitors including but not limited to: MFGD-3420, MFGD-5421, MFGD-5621HD, MDMG-5121, MDCG-3120, MDCG-2121, MDCG-5121, MDNG-5121 and many more
  • We Sell, service, repair and refurbish all Vidar medical film digitizers including but not limited to: Diagnostic Pro Plus, VXR-16, Diagnostic Pro Advantage, CAD Pro Advantage and Dosimetry Pro Advantage.
  • We Sell, Service, repair and are able to provide parts and support on all AGFA Healthcare USA products. (Please note if the product or service is not being offered by AGFA Healthcare USA, we are unable to assist. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)

Bayland Technologies simplifies your digital diagnostic imaging technology needs. Our expert technicians will provide you with quality service to keep your systems running smoothly at all times and we guaranty all of the services and products to exceed the highest quality standards.


Is There a Guarantee?

We at Bayland Technology, have a simple philosophy and that is "Our Customers Are ALWAYS Right". We will do whatever we can to earn your 100% satisfaction and that is why We offer at least a 30 days no question asked full money back guarantee on every single equipments sold by us many of which include at least 1 year of full warranty on parts and labor. (Please note cost of shipping both ways will always be responsibility of the buyer)


Why Bayland?

Bayland existence depends on good customers like you. if you are happy and satisfied with our service and products, that means more growth at Bayland therefore, we will never let our customers down and we stand by every single product that we sell. We want to be your long term partner in digital radiology world and help you achieve great success every step of the way. Your success is our success. We will be there when you need us. Our ratings speak for itself and we have many happy customers all over the world. reference is available upon request.


Privacy and Legal Notice:

Bayland Technologies, Inc. is a Texas corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. Parties contracting with Bayland Technologies, Inc. acknowledge that all contracts are formed and performed in Houston, TX. As such, any party entering into a contract with Bayland Technologies, Inc. agrees that the terms of the contract are to be construed in accordance with Texas law and agrees that any litigation shall be filed in Houston, Harris County, Texas. We also would like to remind you by contacting us we may place your email address into our monthly email list and you may receive marketing emails from Bayland Technologies, Inc. and it's affiliates. We respect your privacy and will promptly remove any address upon request. We will never share, sell or disclose any of your information with third party companies and agencies.

Equipment Categories

Equipment: Backup Generator, Business Opps, CD/DVD Drive/Burner, Computer, Computer Desks, Computer System, CR, CR Cassettes, DAT Drive, DICOM, Digital Imaging System, Digitizer, Display Monitor, Hard Drive, Input Device, IT Accessories, Laser Printer, Mobile Work Station, Monitor, Optical Drive, PACS/RIS, PACS Table, Power Supply, Printer, Printer Paper, Scanner, Shredders, Software, X-Ray Monitor,

Services: Education, Training, Installation, Parts, New, Used and Rebuilt, Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer, Remanufacturer, Rebuilder, Repair, Maintenance, Service, Teleradiology, Workflow Solutions,

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